[BebeYoshi]Ember Armitage- non antag sets fire to me for no reason on shuttle.

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[BebeYoshi]Ember Armitage- non antag sets fire to me for no reason on shuttle.

Postby Snuffleupagus » Fri Sep 14, 2018 7:53 am #439556

Byond account and character name: Snuffleupagus86 - Ember Armitage
Time and Server(Bagil or Sybil) incident occurred:3:00 EST

Cute name. I appreciate them picking up my complaint. Not really happy with the way they handled a situation tonight though. My complaint for the record involved hoops, but I didn't press them spacing me because they held an antag title. I was treating a mime who was pretty sick. All of us were. I'd taken a sec hardsuit because someone'd flooded toxins into the station hallways. Anyway I was treating a mime on the shuttle. Minding my own business. Guy walks up. "Let's set X on fire. They're flammable." I ignore it as I'm busy operating the Sleeper. Whats interesting to me is that the guy is non antag. In a room with TWO antags who are Minding their own business. Sets me on fire to fit in with the antags. First thing he does after round ends is gloat about setting not just myself, but multiple people on fire. From what I gather just from my conversation with Yoshi. He was claiming the mime was an antagonist?

List of antags that round.:

Logs pertinent to what happened:

Scrung Grungly twitches violently.
Scrung Grungly unbuckles himself from the shuttle seat.
Harmacy starts putting Good Goodman into the mounted sleeper.
Good Goodman exclaims, "Ignite the sssec officer!"
Good Goodman asks, "Got a lighter?"
Harmacy loads Good Goodman into the mounted sleeper.
Good Goodman hisses, "He'sss flammable."
Adolph Marriman says, "Welp"
Adolph Marriman says, "I got one at least"
Hoops McCann buckles himself to the shuttle seat.
John Smith starts climbing onto the operating table.
You hear metal clanking.
Hoops McCann yells, "CHECK THIS OUT!!"
Priority Announcement

The Emergency Shuttle has left the station. Estimate 2 minutes until the shuttle docks at Central Command.

The charcoal bottle spills its contents all over the wall.
Adolph Marriman unbuckles themself from the shuttle seat.
Map rotation has chosen PubbyStation for next round!
Hoops McCann unbuckles himself from the shuttle seat.
Scrung Grungly unbuckles himself from the shuttle seat.
[Common] Danny Taylor says, "Its okay"
[Common] C.H.E.C.K.M.8. states, "Oh I can see now"
Good Goodman asks, "Can I be out yet?"
Scrung Grungly moans!
[Common] Danny Taylor says, "Centcom can fix"
OOC: Kuroneko1337: BOO
Adam Mustain unbuckles himself from the shuttle seat.
[Common] C.H.E.C.K.M.8. states, "Oh holy fuck"
Scrung Grungly attempts to swallow Methamphetamine (10u) pill.
[Common] Danny Taylor says, "REEE"
OOC: Kuroneko1337: shitstation
You hug Lemon Mime to make them feel better!2
Your armor has softened a hit to your chest.
Good Goodman has attacked Ember MacLeod in the chest with the emergency welding tool!
You're set on fire!
Lemon Mime catches fire!
Scrung Grungly catches fire!
You slipped on the shuttle floor!
Good Goodman catches fire!
Ember MacLeod screams.
Hoops McCann has grabbed Scrung Grungly passively!
Hoops McCann has grabbed Ember MacLeod passively!
Hoops McCann has grabbed Ember MacLeod aggressively!
John Smith has been hit by the proto-kinetic crusher.
Hoops McCann has thrown Ember MacLeod.
John Smith catches fire!

The round has ended.
Show roundend report again
OOC: BHat0451: Charliestation best station
An accelerator laser cannon appears in your hand!
OOC: MarcusRoland: Ok memento mori is a fucking awesome spire drop
Rebooting World in 1 minute. Round ended.
OOC: FatesCards: it was kind of an impossible task anyway
A Bulldog Shotgun appears in your hand!
OOC: FatesCards: i gave up after hoops died
OOC: LoserWasTaken: who was the sec officer
OOC: LoserWasTaken: i set on fire
OOC: Snuffleupagus86: so you lit a bunch of people on fire as non antag and spaced me why hoops mcann?
OOC: MarcusRoland: You wear it on your neck, activate, and you cant die till someone takes it off
OOC: FatesCards: if i kept preparing i might have succeeded
OOC: LoserWasTaken: i did lmao
OOC: FatesCards: hoops was an antag
OOC: LoserWasTaken: i just wanted to set the sec officer on fire
OOC: Snuffleupagus86: as non antag

What frustrates me is that I've done shit like that at round end and eaten a ban before. As someone who's coming back, where's the line? It's okay to set someone in a security suit on fire because they're "Flammable." now?
I mean to me you have multiple examples of rules being broken here. So why did this guy get a warning? I didn't want to argue with you in game as I know you're busy and you were playing in the next round, but I'd really like some feedback on this and some rationale behind it besides "It's handled."? Thanks for looking into it for me, but I'm left a bit confused?

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Re: [BebeYoshi]Ember Armitage- non antag sets fire to me for no reason on shuttle.

Postby BebeYoshi » Fri Sep 14, 2018 8:58 am #439571

I recognize that this incident was against the rules and could have possibly caused a lot of problem and that it was done without a decent IC reason, which led me to think that they(Good Goodman) were doing it just to make you angry.
After talking with them and I tried to see his side of the story, I gotta say I failed to see their reasons though, so I gave them a note for it. Even if a note doesn't seem enough for you, as you may know, notes now have severity, and not only that, but I made it clear that if anything like that happens again, that they would be punished harshly for it.
A ban didn't feel suitable for me since no one directly died or was severly damaged by this incident. I'm also sorry for making you think that I thought that the mime was an antagonist, I was just asking you before checking the logs, which I always do.

If even after this little explanation you feel like there is something I'm missing, feel free to say!

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Re: [BebeYoshi]Ember Armitage- non antag sets fire to me for no reason on shuttle.

Postby Arianya » Fri Sep 14, 2018 2:34 pm #439593

I've looked into this, including speaking to Bebe and looking at the logs.

First of all, let me say that if you want to discuss something with an administrator and you are unable to discuss it in game for whatever reason, Forum PMs are absolutely acceptable as a means to contact them. Admin Complaints are specifically to complain about an admin with a view to punish them, so I'm unsure why you opened one if you just wanted feedback.

Also, as a reminder since MSO will lynch me otherwise, when using logs:

Log use rules wrote:You must link to the log file you got the logs from to make it easier to validate the context

That said, on to the complaint itself...

From looking at the logs, the person being bwoinked only set light to a single person (you), and Bebe dealt with them in a pretty appropriately heavy-handed manner given their responses. While we take shuttle grief seriously, and the person in question received a pretty nasty note off it, it remains that what they did was pretty minor and it'd be a questionable ban if BebeYoshi had chosen to ban them, given their notes so far accrued.

This is more speculation, but based off the OOC logs I think you got a bit incensed by the person's shittalking in OOC before they were bwoinked. I appreciate it can be irritating if you think someone's getting away with figurative murder (especially if you yourself have been bwoinked for something similar before) but bear in mind that we take a lot of things into account when we bwoink someone, including their past history, the state of the station and so on and so forth. As a result of this, it's not always going to be possible to compare two superficially similar situations and come to the same answer.

As a result, I'm denying this complaint, as I see nothing in BebeYoshi's actions that give me concern that they've failed to meet the expectations we set on administrators or that they mishandled this ticket.
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