Place for Game suggestions for TGMC

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Place for Game suggestions for TGMC

Postby KingKire » Fri Dec 28, 2018 6:34 am #465328

Where may we post our crappy ideas about server balance and places where we can dump out more fluff to add into the game. We need a forum thread topic! To promote a healthy, and beautiful place where we may all laugh and cry as we throw ideas onto walls and wait for devs to shovel it into the bin of death or the code of life.

...cough cough, i miss yelling out informal ideas, and i dont think the github is exactly the place to place uncooked halfbaked ideas, since most of the github ideas are mostly fully baked out.

*edit: also, this new home is quite bright, anyone know of a place to turn on the darkmode for this? the bright blues and whites burn my delicate abyss adapted eyes.

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Re: Place for Game suggestions for TGMC

Postby LaKiller8 » Sat Dec 29, 2018 7:32 pm #465722

You bring up a good point, we should create a specific thread for suggestions on the forums.

Currently, as our community is quite small and most people are not used to this forum most discussion is conducted on our Discord, we have 2 channels for this mostly - #dev-general, the generic channel for ideas and things that don't fit elsewhere and #balance, for balance related discussion and suggested tweaks. Usually if the idea is good enough Rohesie approves it and it gets put on the list of approved things so any coder may have a go at it without having to worry about his PR getting denied.

I'll create one now in the Development section of this forum.

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