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Tank Crewman guide

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 5:07 pm
by Monikawales
0. Spend all your game time as fast as possible to print modules until all the Printing points ar spent (0 points left). Otherwise someone will spend it and a tank build will be crippled.

1. After spawn fast rush to north of Alamo in a hanger. Press small orange button. It will open tank shutters.
ORDER ALL AMMO IN REQ. AMMO COST 40 POINTS IN REQ. (Tnk ammo crates are majorly cheap=40 points (example: spec weapons cost 100 points) and 1 ammo crate point amount regenerates every 5 minutes)
The cheapest ammo quantity/price per round are LTB Cannon Ammo.
The best numerous for area-denial ammo are Tank Flamer Magazine
The expensive but very accurate are TOW Launcher Magazine.

2. Print LTB Cannon. The best main weapon.
DO NOT PRINT LTAA AP Minigun. Low damage / accuracy and heavy friendly fire rate due to bullet spread. Gun rotate noise delay before fire. Xenos hear it and run away didging bullets that eventually will miss anyway. Waste of print points.

3. Print Print Secondary Flamer Unit. If attacking mission.
OR Print TOW Launcher if defensive stationary mission.
OR Print Print Print Secondary Flamer Unit. + TOW Launcher in case of Requisition ALREADY ordered both flamer + tow ammo crates AND someone will replace TOW Launcher / Secondary Flamer Unit modules while both tank crew stay inside a tank.
DO NOT PRINT M56 Cupola. Cupola is ONLY slightly normal for destroying walls/resin structures. Damage / accuracy is lower than smartgunner version. Inferior stats. But no FF. NEVER hit long ranges.
DO NOT PRINT Grenade Launcher extremely great friendly fire rate due to grenades bounce. Waste of print points. FF Trash.

4. Print Threads. 25 points.

5. Choose what to print with extreme caution. Points will NEVER be restored.
All tank parts are may be ordered via Requisitions but will take too long time and cargo points. Every part except threads costs 50%-100% more than ammo crate.
Options to Choose:
THE BEST CHOICE Overdrive Enhancer 100 points + Snowplow Armor 50 points. Why Overdrive Enhancer + Snowplow Armor the best choice? Increase movement speed / turn speed +200%, increase crush damage about 200%). The only attacking set.

Bad reserve armor examples. Waste of points.
Ballistic module 100 points + Concussive Armor 100 points. One reserve 100 point module. Stationary defence set. Very slightly protection when Tank crush walls. Small bullet protection. Slightly good for STATIONARY defence. Better than binoculars when need to shoot more than 1 single direction.
Ballistic module 100 points + Caustic Armor 100 points. Stationary defence set. Slightly protects from Anti-Acid. Moderately good for STATIONARY defence vs praetorian / boiler / spitter / queen. Better than binoculars when need to shoot more than 1 single direction.

Slightly normul but still retarded armor choices:
Paladin Armor is useless. Waste of print points. Because according to round statictics are 2-10 grenades used every round. Tank will no hit by explosive ammo FF. And if gunner will not hit walls directly near a tank. Do not pick.
Ballistic Armor. Inferior stats AP bullet protection. Useless. Only good vs AP rifles of Death Commando operatives. Waste of points.

Supports slot.
Overdrive Enhancer + Artillery module=instant binoculars for a gunner when support slot is clicked anywhere (CLICK ONLY ONE CLICK TO PREVENT FF).

WHAT TO PRINT Points Available 625:
1. Snowplow (50)
2. LTB Cannon (100)
3. Secondary Flamer Unit (100)
4. TOW Launcher (100)
5. Overdrive Enhancer (100)
6. Artillery Module (100)
7. Treads (25)
8. Flamer Magazine (50)

625 points tank can attack with flamer / smash with a plow + overdrive enhancer instantly after deployment, even if Requisitions not order cannon / tow / flame ammo crates. Print and install time is about 5-10 minutes. Bring modules to Dropship. Modules and ammo shoud always stay outside a crate to prevent melting everything in single acid.

NEVER EVER CRASH ANY OBJECT. Examples: reinforced table, window frame, resin door, resin wall, Alamo cargo door. "CRUSH" NOISE MEANS A TANK MODULES HAVE TAKEN % DAMAGE. (even if check shows undamaged status). MODULES ARE UNFIXABLE. Only can replace / repair a tank slots, but not modules.

Post Your combinatorics recombinations in this post.

Re: Tank Crewman guide

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 8:28 pm
by somerandomguy
Does anything keep grenade launcher + paladin armor from being useful away from other friendlies?

Re: Tank Crewman guide

PostPosted: Wed Feb 13, 2019 8:48 pm
by Monikawales
somerandomguy wrote:Does anything keep grenade launcher + paladin armor from being useful away from other friendlies?

grenade launcher + paladin armor is a griefing friendly fire set
Grenades activation time is the longest of all grenades, xenos have a time to ran away from grenade launcher. Zero direct hit damage. Zero instant damage. No IFF. Paladin armor gives nothing but explosive resistance.
Basically grenade launcher + paladin armor is a tank running around friendly spamming grenades that bump walls Result: friendly broken bones

Waster flamer / tow secondary slot, wasted fuel enhancer slot, wasted artillery module, wasted concussive armor module wasted snowplow module.

Maybe have to cost 5 point / 1 magazine ( 10 grenades ), increased magazine capacity, mor powerful grenades, flame grenades, 20 points grenade launcher price, paladin armor cost 50 points.

Re: Tank Crewman guide

PostPosted: Tue Feb 19, 2019 1:42 am
by Monikawales
After tests.
best driver modules:
Fuel enhancer + snowplow(deals 200%+ more damage from all sides)
Paladin armor is the best with tow + LTB cannon (can shoot cannon+tow in 3 seconds)
Artillery module must have if not fuel enhancer installed.
Integrated, grenade lanucher and ballisitc armor are the worst

Re: Tank Crewman guide

PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 12:48 am
by Monikawales
After 10 tests,
Acceptable moderately better armors:
Best armor for "friendly fire Hight Explosive" with TOW+Cannon is a Paladin. Sniping mode with artillery module. But tank gunner can fire close range.
Best armor for "defence" - caustic. With artillery module. Anti acid spit. Even sentinel (tier 1) neurotoxic spit does heavy damage to all tank modules.
For attack use caustic or paladin armor with overdrive enhancer / artillery module + tow OR flamethrower / cannon.

Useless armors:
Best armor "ice colony" is snowplow + overdrive fuel enhancer. Can be changed to arty + tow later. Normal choice to make snow barricades using overdrive enhancer. Damage has been nerfed. Useleess to crash any xeno. Moderate choice only to make snow barriceades.
Concussive armor not good anymore because marines dont use concussive damage FF. Marines now use laser damage. And tank avoid crushing obstacles and resin walls. Concussive armor is bad choice.
Ballistic armor the most useless for everything. Ballistic armor is awful garbage.

Re: Tank Crewman guide

PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 2:28 am
by Monikawales
After tests.
The best armor set: Paladin + Caustic (change to caustic when acid spits)

Grenades were drastically changed. New damage type: shrapnel instead of explosive. Their explosion radius has been reduced to one tile, but all of them now produce shrapnel in all directions. Stay safe and remember to stop, drop and roll
Stay tuned. Maybe the best armor to reduce grenades FF is not Paladin anymore.

Re: Tank Crewman guide

PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 5:47 am
by Monikawales
Best armor confirmed is Caustic now. protects: boiler clouds damage, sentinel spit damage, spitter spit damage, praetorian spit damage. Spit range is same as flechette and can fly off-screen (double screen range)
Same wall crash protection as concussive.

Snowplow good only for first 10 minutes while making snow barricades. Then need to replace to caustic.

Paladin unly can be used when equipped LTB cannon without artillery module.

Concussive OK for wall crash. Didnt nocitable any slash defense difference. maybe will protect vs grenade FF shrapnel?
Ballistic is the worst armor.

Re: Tank Crewman guide

PostPosted: Mon Feb 25, 2019 7:02 am
by Monikawales
Current Tank Crewman balance:
After fresh tests.

Best modules:
Important. Do not print any ammo. Print only modules and armor.
1. Artillery module. Must have for deal a damage. 100 points
2. Caustic armor. Best protection from any spits. 100 points
3. TOW Launcher
4. LTB Cannon
5. Spare Caustic armor.

100 points NEVER regenerates. 60 points in Requisition (regenerate time 20 minutes)
Never print any ammo. Example: every TOW missile cost 25 units. Magazine cost 100 points. Printer points NEVER regenerates
Order ammo in requisition. 30 points. Regenerate time 10 minutes.

OK modules:
6. Overdrive enhancer. Speed 300%. Use with LTB Cannon + Paladin armor + TOW Launcher OR Secondary Flamer Unit
7. Secondary Flamer Unit
Cant hit anything 3 tile range. Friendly "Fire" but able to burn resin structures. Cheap ammo. Never saves tank from taking a damage. Queen is EXTREMELY resistant to fire.

Other modules waste of points (printer points never restores)

Re: Tank Crewman guide

PostPosted: Sun Mar 17, 2019 8:46 pm
by Monikawales
After rebalance
Cannon got 2 second ait mite, seems like TOW too.
Good set caustic armor+minigun+M56 cupola+printed cupola ammo(many)+extra caustic armor+ extra threads+overdrive enhancer

Re: Tank Crewman guide

PostPosted: Tue Mar 19, 2019 5:15 pm
by Monikawales
Consussion protects againts slashes.
Good starting set Consussion + caustic armor, minigun, cupola, overdrive + spare cupola(cheapest 50+10+10+10x500ammo point resin wall remover + anti friendly fire) and minigun magazines

Re: Tank Crewman guide

PostPosted: Fri Mar 22, 2019 9:26 pm
by Merryweather
Nice guide by the way, and it's great that you are updating it frequently.


PostPosted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 11:10 pm
by Wolfy
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