Imbalanced+Overpowered / Inferior stats Trash list

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Imbalanced+Overpowered / Inferior stats Trash list

Postby Monikawales » Wed Feb 13, 2019 7:48 pm #476343

0. Holdout Pistol with a rail flashlight attachment. 100% Best light source. Works inside a pocket even without armor or pouch.

1. The Best free already full pouch.
Tool Pouch
Are availible to EVERYONE from all ColMarTech Sulpus Uniform Vendors.
10x Tool pouch =
    10x screwdriver
    10x wrench
    10x multitool
    10x crowbar
    10x wirecutters

Additional holsters Entrenching Tool.

2. Flechette shotgun damage moderately high compared to buckshot damage.
Slugs only good for slow debuff.

Scout shotgun that shoots double flechette+flame ammo in single burst was nerfed by delay. Normalized damage. But still very overpowered item when flechette+incendiary in single burst.

Minigun with a bipod. 15 burst fire. Better stats then tank minigun. (new system need to stay in place 2-5 seconds to hit makes it even better due to 1 second burst casting time)

or Laser with a bipod [overcharged (unique-action) mode]. Greatly defensive / camping bipoded attachment weapon. Comes with heavy self-regeneration Heavy Grenadier Loadout armor.

M5 RPG "BOOMTUBE" still powerfull. Check Darius James act of bravery performance. But only with mini rail scope.

Plasma cutter. Engeneering NEXUS Automated Engineer Equipment Rack vendors. In preps. Costs only 20 points. 1 engeneer for 45 points total can buy 1 plasma cutter 20 points and 25 high capacity batteries. Free hack yellow engeneer vendor for super capacity power cell. Set is able to remove all walls on a zoom screen wihtout recharging. Uses batterys that can be recharged. So it is infinite wall/cave/ice/airlock remover. The best item every map for tank or snipers to make valleys instead of caves and 2 cell-wide tunnels.

Engeneers got 2 electronics pouch that alreaady have 2 high capacity batteris inside.

Every engeneer can have instant free plasma cutter + 25+2+2= 29 high capacity 1 super capacity batteries. 6 engeneers are able to remove the whole zoom screen in cave without recharge.

4. Sentry stacking burst oneshots every xeno. Availible one per engeneer token in ColMarTech Engineer System Vendor.. 3 sentry 3x6 burst is a oneshot in SD room. Costs 100 supply points. (50% of starting). Slightly overpowered damage, but not really, because aims only one side.

5. M56D Mounted Smartgun. Availible one per engeneer token in ColMarTech Engineer System Vendor.. Costs 100 supply points. (50% of starting) Even more DPS then sentry. Moderately overpowered damage, but not really, because aims only one side.

6. Lasergun. NO RECOIL. SHOOT THROUGH WINDOWS. Best CIC defense weapon, infinit ammo when got a charger / red charger box. Rail scope+bipod attachments make no miss at any range (when standing still for 2-5 seconds). Overcharge bolt deals 25% of hp on elders. No xenos are resistant to this damage. Extended magazine provides 20 bolts. So one marine can remove 1 xeno with this magazine even if 75% miss chance.
Recharge magazines inside any charger, or inside wrench/unwrench red recharge box that doesnt require any power source. Greatly overpowered.

7. Integrated storage Armor can hold 5 pistols, small shotgun ammo boxes, metal, plasteel. Makes Standard magazine pouch, Construction pouches, medium general pouch, G3 armor pouch G8 General Utility Pouch unnecessary useless.
When pulled off, Integrated storage Armor serves as small backpack, or satchel size, or welder backpack size. And when pulled off, person's speed increases about to 150%.

Being compared to Awful Light armor and another armors. Gives versatility in storage space.

8. Webbing Vests. 5 slots small items. A lot. Attaches to every suit. MUST HAVE. 10x in every clothes vendor.

9. Shotgun Shell Load Rig. Carry 10x5=50 shotgun ammo. These can up to kill 3 elder xenos from one Shell Load Rig. Flechette recommended. Hight AP damage.

10. total: The best overpowered things are:
Zoom by Rail Scope. Zoom by Mini Rail Scope. Zoom by M56D Mounted Smartgun. Stacked with stay in place time 2-5 seconds (new accuracy system is being reworked), attachments, verbal accuracy combat ranked staff megaphone command buff, direct click on huge xeno sprite.
Ping lower than 30.
Bugged ghost zoom when Join a Response Team (I made a report)
Zoom by binoculars.
Zoom by artillery tank module (for tank gunner seat)
Zoom by revolver (inferior damage and accuracy even with full attachments) acts as 2-handed binoculars or finishing 7-shot autoclicker snipe autoclicker burst.
Scout shotgun flechette burst-fire 2x shot. Even nerfed cooldown. "Nuke"

G8 General Utility Pouch. Replaced by ISS armor. Takes armor weapon slot. Makes the best Magnetic harness attachment useless.

Explosive Grenades. (flame grenades are OK) Requires a perfect ping / reaction to use. Immense Friendly Fire rate. Harder then play as queen.

All pistols. Except commander mateba. Inferior terrible low damage even with barrel charger. Cant hit anything. Even a cell where you click a cursor.
Grenade Launcher the worst weapon now. Because it should hit AOE damage 5+ xenos per grenade. Check round statistics. 2-10 grenades are used every round. Because grenades are useless and makes more firndly fire then real damage. And xenos are grenade-resitant. Since there are no AP grenade damage.

M20 Claymore anti-personnel mines. Seriously bad. Too expensive. Keep in mind that any mob that enters the mine's tile, or the tile it's facing, living or dead, will cause the mine to detonate unless they have an appropriate USCM/Corporate Dog-tag/ID. MORE FRIENDLY DAMAGE THEN REAL RESULTS Single use. Does same damage as 1(one) flechette shotgun ammo. Stuns for like 2 seconds. Does AP FF damage with breaking bones. Instead use 80 cargo point mini sentrys. 8 mines point cost more then as 1 mini sentry.

M39 SMG. Very weak DPS and innacurate even with Ap ammo. Used only when engeneer hacked all the prep vendors: 11x3 = 33 AP m39 magazines = 3 full backpacks. Even after standing still "aiming" 2-5 seconds with alot of attachment sets still miss a lot. Needs a new attaachment: Collapsible (Paratrooper) Submachinegun Stock
Serves as finisher with Mini Rail Scope autoclicker when downed xeno in crit cant be hit by burst fire. (same as rail scoped revolver)

M42A Scoped Rifle Only 5x15 75 ammo total AMMO IS EXTREMELY OVERPRICED IN REQUISITION POINTS. Retarded low dps, bullet is so slow, projectile sprite cant hit moving targets even if clicked properly. FF damage problem. The only M42A use is a zoom and finishing critted.

L44 M37A2 Scabbard no need at all.

The most overpowered strategy for marines is FOB / CIC / SD camping. New Aim cast time 2-5 seconds stand still. Using zooms, overcharged lasers, scouting or static zooming tank, barricade layers.

Joined: Sat Oct 20, 2018 9:31 pm
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Re: Imbalanced+Overpowered / Inferior stats Trash list

Postby Monikawales » Fri Feb 15, 2019 11:50 pm #476815

The best Tank support (cutting crash-danger object) loadout;
1 plasma cutter (belt slot)
Hack yellow vendor using a screwdiver and multitool. Get super cell.
Click cell on plasma cutter.
Vend 25 high-capacity power cells.
Vend 2 electronics pouch. 10 high-capacity power cells
Brown webbing vest. 5 high-capacity power cells
Tool pouch. Take out all tools to welderpack. 6 high-capacity power cells
Vend M3-IS pattern marine armor. - 7 high-capacity power cells
28 high-capacity power cells carried by single engeneer
+ plasma cutter.

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