Skills, and their removal

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Re: Skills, and their removal

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Bottom post of the previous page:

I like those ideas for the most part. ID locks instead of skill locks for being able to simply open something is a much better idea.

I think you could definitely give more people medical/surgery skills and it would still be reasonable for gameplay and realism to an extent. It make total sense for every single person, including the clown, to have basic first aid training. These are space ships and colonies and whatnot, it's dangerous. Everyone would be trained in stuff like CPR and basic trauma care(bandaging wounds, splints, ect). Then you go up from there. Privates would know a little more, medics would know a lot for trauma first aid, up to doctors who can do everything well.

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Re: Skills, and their removal

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Make your own map and re-evaluate where you want skills and what they may do/lock in the process, rather than just regurgitating it. There should be enough experience/desire here to be able to mess around on this point.

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