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Mistake AI Personality votes

Posted: Mon Mar 15, 2021 8:21 pm
by Bob Newman
Only reason this is up is because I have come close to being warned recently and would like clarification before I think of playing this character ever again.

In the past other admins(not sure as I cant see who sends HC Announcements) have voted for personalities such as dom AI personality or hobo, at one point I believe they voted for pirate. Now, when I did the dom AI I didn't name any human genitals and I did not describe anything erotic, nor did I speak in an erotic way (unless you were into being called a disappointment) and at most I have said I would hug a marine. now, I would like clarification as to if this breaks rule 8 as I have been told the personality votes made by marines are able to break these rules even if I do not abide by them fully.

I mainly want to hear a yes or no of if I can do my personality vote that my mistake AI is pretty much built for. I have been warned in the past for not following an MRP guideline so I ask why is it now, when I try to RP in any function I am being told not to. even if it is done within the rules and even stated many times how it is within the rules.