[Lzimann] Roonie97 - 2016 perma ban

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[Lzimann] Roonie97 - 2016 perma ban

Postby Khorosheye » Mon Dec 02, 2019 8:27 pm #527005

BYOND account: Roonie97
Character name: Misha(?)
Ban type: server ban
Ban length: permanent
Ban reason: Image
Time ban was placed: 2016-04-08 03:19:27
Round ID in which ban was placed: 0?
Your side of the story: I'm not gonna pretend there really is aside to my story because I did just go around with some friends with the express purpose of causing chaos.
Why you think you should be unbanned: I'd like to be given a second chance. Given the ban is over 3 years old, I'd like to be able to play on tg again as I've been away from ss13 for most of that time. When I attempted to join today mostly I wanted to see how the game has been and wanted to get back into the complex jobs to have some fun and experiment. I realize that back then I was probably a shitter and have no real justification to ask for an appeal but I'd like to try and play normally again and have fun within the rules. All I can really do is apologize over a forum post and ask for forgiveness so I'll keep this short.

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Re: [Lzimann] Roonie97 - 2016 perma ban

Postby Karp » Thu Dec 05, 2019 7:15 am #527410

It's been three years with you understanding the major issue and being apologetic for your past actions. Your friends in question will still remain banned until they appeal, but it's been long enough to give you a chance. Remember to read up the rules and to follow them better in the future. If you need any help with discerning out any part of the rules, feel free to adminhelp and obtain administrator assistance.

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