[Chimpston] SilveredSoul - 7 Day Ban Podperson shenanigans

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[Chimpston] SilveredSoul - 7 Day Ban Podperson shenanigans

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BYOND account: Silveredsoul
Character name: Potato
Ban type: Server
Ban length: 7 Day?
Ban reason: After dying to the cult in game, respawned as a ghost role pod person and went out their way to the station to stop teh cultists from summoning Nar'Sie with .357s because "the cult was a threat to their harvest". This seems like an act of using metainformation and abusing ghost roles for their unintended purposes.
Time ban was placed: 2021-12-24 9:32:05
Server you were playing on when banned: Sybil
Round ID in which ban was placed: 175336
Why you think you should be unbanned: Honestly, I'd advocate mostly for a lesser ban. Though I'd like to note that the ban reason given contradicts my defense/explanation. I did NOT "respawn as a ghost role pod person and went out of their way to stop the cultists..." implying I feel like I respawned for that sole purpose. I was close ish to mining station, and right next to heirophant. Gat fruit takes a long time to grow, and the shuttle was intermittently called and recalled while I was waiting for the gatfruit to grow --> to kill Heirophant, and probably go dragon hunting; implying that I was on lavaland for a while minding my own business, and when I finally left it was ~3 minutes until shuttle landing.

I'd like to note something major here: The damned christmas tree gave a cult leader a god damn instagib/kill rifle in which he used to kill several people and kind of enforce cult rule, which was deemed as valid.

It was 3-4 minutes until the shuttle was about to arrive, as it had gotten called and stayed called finally, and the cult leader with the INSTAMURDER gun was spamming nar-sie summons. Found an intercomm and told them to "Knock it off, eldritch gods are going to mess with my plants." and that I'd "Come show them varmints what for if they kept doing it, by the goddess Gaia and show them what flower power was" or something.

I took public mining to arrivals after my warnings and another summon attempt (Which I assume meant people were actively messing with them anyways), and made my way to departures. Gravity was off, and I was using jack-o-lanterns to see. Came cross EVA, which the area was the cult was at. Juggernaut and a shade kind of messed with me, and I killed two cultists by blind firing down the hall. I threw some cherry bombs around but those don't do shit to R-walls really. Shot open a shutter as I passed by,b lind fired more into the room, and got set on fire by the shade dragging flaming corpses around. shuttle was docked so I went on my way there, met a station botanist, and was responding to boinks while a another Juggernaut was trying to hug me.

My point is, a lot of time expired between my spawning as ghost role, their repeated attempts at summoning, the actual time it takes gatfruit to fucking grow (which is a lot because I suck at botany I guess) and me heading towards the shuttle to "Spread my harvests" and passingly "showing those varmints what for". I quoted radio broadcasts of my warnings to the station folk.

Pod people don't have anything specific about leaving lavaland, and unless there's something more concrete now as I don't actively look at rules updates, I feel like I've might have had an issue with ghost roles before, could be a note? though I feel that one was more spur of the moment anger shit and some other role more out of the way. Lavaland syndies can't leave, ash walkers and pod people are weird, but golems seem to pop up to station all the time, especially in icebox? If some golems killed cult would it have been "meta information from being alive before"?

Like I said, cult leader had a instagib rifle, I DID die to him, like, early on into the game, before the cult was even discovered and I made a ahelp about it assuming he was self-antagging but I was told it was valid. I was afk/pod person for a while before the cult actually grew and did stuff.

I'm assuming the reason why Pod people can grow gatfruit is some setting stuff and perhaps also a chance to "Defend" the vault against fauna, as a few can ill a dragon? Just seems odd to give them OP guns and then have a complaint when they passingly defend themselves.

References of good conduct: My main name is Adrian Vee, I've played on and off this here for a bit now, had another account I lost access to before a few years ago, probably find info about that. I'd like to think I'm a more known/welcome name nowadays, as at least I feel slightly recognized by other regulars and stuff nowadays even if I'll go off and get angry about stupid shit constantly.
Anything else we should know: Uh mostly just the text wall above. Unsure if that fit there or here better?? Lemme know and I'll rearrange it tbh.

Otherwise, like, shit man it's Christmas and the round was already fucked by a randomly spawning instakill gun that fucked people over early on because gods damned Phillip Thomas got it at round start. Feel like 7 days is too much.

[EDIT]: Oh uh also this is a second account I just made, couldn't log into the other one which should just be regular silveredsoul. Thought it was attached to an email of the same name, never got any password help requests from it so... shrug. Feel free to help me out there and I'll repost if needed.
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Re: [Chimpston] SilveredSoul - 7 Day Ban Podperson shenanigans

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As an admin online at the time that pushed for this ban I wish to chime in.

To break down what we saw.
- You died to a cultist near the start of the round
- You took a ghost role and grew weapons as a pod person
- You went station side and killed out an entire cult with the cherry bombs and gat fruit

If you had provided miners with these tools sure fine but you took it on yourself to break the restrictions on your ghost role.

You should take this time away to take a break and look over the rules again as you impacted a lot of players rounds with your stunt by acting like a dick.
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Re: [Chimpston] SilveredSoul - 7 Day Ban Podperson shenanigans

Post by silveredsoul1 » #623083

And someone getting a insta-kill rifle from the magic christmas tree and using it to blast sec/head roles or people fighting against cult wasn't a kind of dickish thing?

As you said, I died to a cultist near the START of the round, and became pod person. Grew gatfruit and cherry bombs, because, why wouldn't I? I could hunt megafauna with them, cherry bombs are for mining as they clear rock.

I did warned the station as I said, and quoted in an help to "Stop summoning eldritch gods up there or else" after the 2-3 summoning messages that were global announcements.


I died near round start and became a pod person. How would I know, or as in the ahelps and ban mentioned, know there was a cult or that specifically a cult killed me? I did something normal and GIVEN TO POD PEOPLE, saw the nar-sie prompts which are a global message. How do those work? Are those OOC? IC? Golems, Ash Lizards and Charlie Station peeps all see those.

Would golems who went to the station who killed cultists be ahelped? Golems seem to to the station all the time. The cultists were in EVA, had halos, and had constructs. Gatfruit takes a while long ass time to grow and I don't really know botany. I also grew pumpkins so I could light up lavaland with jack-o-lanterns, and cherry bombs because they're the only way to clear rock... unless there's someway for a pod person to make a pick or a KA? I don't know. I'm assuming that's WHY they have cherry bombs, and the gatfruit are for fauna, because what other reason is there to give out something like potentially infinite revolvers? If miners or anyone else took it it would've been fine. So if I dumped my gatfruit to the rest of the station fighting the cult it would be valid?

This is again implying I solely went out of my way, grew something unique that the pod people spawn with, and went something I didn't know about since I died early from a seeming random murder with a gun that was a christmas present to someone I only knew was a valid antaganist like 10 minutes into the shift before the cult was discovered, and only knew about because of global summoning narsie messages, in which I then told them to "knock it off" as eldritch gods are "bad for my seeds". I didn't even expect to have any plants ready with 3-4 minutes left until the shuttle docked because they take so long to grow, and all of a sudden my one gatfruit plant yielded harvest 3 times in a row, while the other did not. Dunno how that works, was just shoving chemicals into it to heal it because it got sick.

1. Gatfruit takes a long ass time to grow.
2. I am not a botany expert.
3. I used something OP I was given
4. I died before cult was revealed to an item from a christmas tree event, which is equally bullshit. One shot instagib body gun.
5. Shuttle was called, recalled, called, and cult delayed before I went stationside with "3-4 minutes before it docked" --> Implying it was a long time.
6. I spawned near heirophant, and in walking distance to mining.
7. I died without knowing about cult.
8. I died before cult was revealed.
9. I only knew of cult because of Nar-sie summons.

I feel we're very much implying that I took a ghost role to kill cultists I didn't know about.

I'd accept this if I like, ghost role bumrushed Phillip Thomas in revenge, but I did not do that. If my blind firing down a hall killed em then, okay.
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Re: [Chimpston] SilveredSoul - 7 Day Ban Podperson shenanigans

Post by Domitius » #623084

silveredsoul1 wrote: Fri Dec 24, 2021 11:00 am I feel we're very much implying that I took a ghost role to kill cultists I didn't know about.
This is very much what is being implied given the order of events.
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Re: [Chimpston] SilveredSoul - 7 Day Ban Podperson shenanigans

Post by silveredsoul1 » #623085

We agree I died early.
We agree I went pod person.
I did not have a radio, I had no clue of what was going on station side.

How do I have meta information?

Are global announcements like code alerts, admin/centcomm communications or nar-sie summon event calls meta?

I used something given specifically to pod people.
Guns for fauna.
Cherrybombs for mining/rock removal.

is that not the purpose?

I ended up fighting antagonists I only knew about from a global announcement, after telling them to knock it off in an intercomm in public mining.

I decided to go to escape shuttle. the shortest route I could take there made me come across the cultists.
If I was a charlie scientist who grabbed a gun from charlie, left the station after a time period, lets say, wiring the solars and killing most of the xenos, and had an altercation with a valid antagonist I had not known about would it be the same issue?
What if golems, after a time, set up a teleporter and went to station and ran into cultists and constructs happened to kill them?

I'm saying there's easier and faster ways to "get back to station" as a ghost role if I really wanted to grief Phillip, which was the only antag I knew about.
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Re: [Chimpston] SilveredSoul - 7 Day Ban Podperson shenanigans

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When you take a pod person spawn you get the following message.

Code: Select all

You are a sentient ecosystem, an example of the mastery over life that your creators possessed.
Your masters, benevolent as they were, created uncounted seed vaults and spread them across the universe to every planet they could chart. You are in one such seed vault. Your goal is to protect the vault you are assigned to, cultivate the seeds passed onto you, and eventually bring life to this desolate planet while waiting for contact from your creators. Estimated time of last contact: Deployment, 5000 millennia ago.
You are told explicitly to not leave your vault. Yes there is exceptions where players have left to interact with the station but it's only been permitted in good faith. Not to show up and deploy a bag of very powerful weapons. Giving you the benefit of the doubt that you missed the several cult shout-outs while you were dead your behavior was in extremely bad faith and will not be tolerated.
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Re: [Chimpston] SilveredSoul - 7 Day Ban Podperson shenanigans

Post by silveredsoul1 » #623089



Your goal is to PROTECT THE VAULT

Explicitly: precisely and clearly expressed, leaving nothing to implication; fully stated.

If you don't want lavaland roles to step onto station, HAVE IT SAY THAT. Syndie base on lavaland says that. Ash Walkers are iffy. Golems go to the station all the fucking time, especially on ice box. I've seen "Charlie station survivors" come to the station, and integrate with the crew.

I grew gatfruit I spawned with and was given. Protect the vault.
I grew cherry bombs to clear rock, and pumpkins for lights for the lavaland. Cultivate the seeds.
Bring life back to the planet, seems like an overarching roleplay goal

Change the description/statements given to everything to state don't ever go onto the station z level.

Is this because I "metagrudged a cult using meta-info" a cult I literally did not IC or OOC know about until nar-sie spawning messages?
Is this because I went on the station, and affected someone negatively?

What perspective are we taking this from?
Muh roleplay on servers that aren't HRP, are barely in character, and contain so much metabullshittery, powergaming and valid-ing?

Protect the vault. An eldritch deity that I know of from a global announcement being summoned in orbit above me is probably bad for my vault, and bad for bringing life back to lavaland.

I cultivated the seeds, took a some of everything I had with me, and went to this shuttle I knew about from other global announcements.
I told the people through an intercom on their planet-installation that was near my front door to "Stop summoning eldritch gods they're bad for my seed vault."

Giving me the benefit of the doubt I missed cult shouts? I died early and respawned, what shout outs? Their faction chat thing?

you're saying I'm acting like a dick and being disingenuous; from my perspective implying that I'm actively lying or being negligent in my behavior.

Meaning you've already come to a contradicted conclusion using your own talking points because some peoples' cult round got ruined "unfairly"?

How long into the game can the shuttle be called? I know its a little bit but I'm not aware of the exact timimg.

The shuttle was called, recalled, and called again, delayed by a cult event, and finally called and landed.
how long into the game did an antag get a lucky overpowered weapon from the christmas tree event and ruin/end several people's rounds? before the shuttle could be called?
I went pod person to salvage my round, and set about setting up stuff for lavaland survival.
Lights, mining explosions, and guns. Made some clothes, grew some weed even. Stuff I was given in crates/vendors.
Gatfruit especially, and more so since I don't know why one gave me 3 yields before another planted at the same time gave me any yields, take a long time to grow.
I really am not an expert like botany, but I like clothes and stuff the biogenerator can help you make. Made a coat, and a hat, some shoes, several thousand bio-materials or whatever.
I did the what was one of the big no nos, and left lavaland to bring my plants/harvests with me because by time I was ready to "Explore Lavaland" and "Kill Heirophant" as I've said, the shift was almost over and the shuttle was about to dock.
I came into conflict with the cultists who I told to stop doing bad stuff over an intercomm after some global summoning messages designed to "help the crew kill the cult"

Cultists with Halos are not valid?
Cult Constructs are not valid?

Someone killing my first life within 10 minutes of the game start or so, as an antag, using a christmas tree overpowered weapon and murderboning with it, is valid and fine, but cult getting waylaid by some random literal soyboy getting killed for being cults, and summoning bad gods near my planet/vault is okay?

If I went to station and gave the guns to the crew who then would have killed the cult would it have been fine? Multiple people given weapons?

You're saying I'm disingenuous and there's "no way" I could've died and respawned without automatically or going out of my way to find out about the cult?
You're saying me preparing one of the few special things pod people get easily and make regularly is suspicious behavior?
Would death nettle, weird fucking stinging poison plants, super kudzu be different?
if I was converted to cult and then killed people with my gatfruit would it be different?
Someone use using my gatfruit would be different and more "Valid" of a "defeat"?

The ban is about me using metainformation to abuse ghost roles in this case lets conclude from summary information: "Used meta information to prepare and kill a cult with a ghost role".

I feel the amount of time I spent doing other stuff, to the point that this event only occurred with 3 minutes until shuttle docked, as in, the last 10% of the round counter-implies that would not be the case as by other more valid actions. I.e. bumrushing through ghost roles to fuck with people, rather than actually spending my whole round doing other stuff after I was murderboned early on, to the point I respawned before the cult was revealed and just "assuming I must have seen cult chat or runes" is disingenuous and a great assumption when I had actual time to 1. grow something that takes forever, and 2. do other stuff.
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Re: [Chimpston] SilveredSoul - 7 Day Ban Podperson shenanigans

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Chimpston has handed off this ban appeal to myself.

Denied for reasons already stated.
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Re: [Chimpston] SilveredSoul - 7 Day Ban Podperson shenanigans

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Locking this, PM me if you need it open to respond.
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