[READ THIS] Banned by host? Access Denied?

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[READ THIS] Banned by host? Access Denied?

Postby Saegrimr » Mon Feb 22, 2016 2:00 am #155880

If you just got disconnected in the middle of the round, only to see "Banned by Host" or "Access Denied" and a message about ban evasion or something snarky because we're kind of lazy sometimes...

Just give it a few minutes.

We're aware of the problem where our ban system goes a little nuts and hits like 10-20 random people, its usually extremely obvious when it does happen so theres no need to make a thread.

If its been about 5-10 minutes and you still can't connect, then make a thread.

Chances are we've already removed the affected entry and you were too busy looking up the forums to notice.

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