[BAN] [Bowlofcereal] Kek4ik228

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[BAN] [Bowlofcereal] Kek4ik228

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BYOND account: Kek4ik228
Character name: Matilda "Bitchwolf" Elyer lately
Ban type: Server ban
Ban length: Permanent
Ban reason: Below
Time ban was placed: Below
Round ID in which ban was placed: Below
Your side of the story: I'd really love to get started from the point I've never played any server other than TGMC from the late 2021 and won't play anything for the sake of "vouches", instead, I am calling for a constructed and well pointed dialogue, in the place of the shock treatment I've received
To start with all the topics in ban reason
1 - "Continued harassment and rule breaks, both in and out of the game". I'd like to find anyone, who has suffered from my intentional "continued harassment and rule breaks, both in and out of the game" outside of these participating in my first major ban back in the beginning of 2021. If I've conceived crimes, then what rules I broke up and what people were insulted? Or you relay that upon me saying swears both IC and OOC? How many people you ban, who call anyone retard for whatever reason? Dare to find, I was not in any rule breaking situation, didn't powergame, abuse bugs, play with slurs, all of my bans were carried out and not a single one of them repeated: DMing - didn't grief anyone past since, Role rules - didn't break a single straight after, hell, even naming rules - No one ever contacted me about my characters after one case of me not having a surname
2 - "Recent actions of personally attacking staff members in their DMs". Only if said staff member's inflated ego didn't take such a toll of being called to stand for his words, prove his rightness in actual dialogue and not project whatever issues he had onto me, that would not even be a topic in that ban, what reaction you wait for after spitting all the delusional shit you think up yourself, calling me a faggot OOCly, damn, even expressing his very own humble opinion through IC interactions which have no soil to stand upon? Sure, mentioned buddy is very free to think I am a patron of Lifeweb, who spent 2000$ to buy a futanari slot and play any exclusive role they offer for sinking that amount of money, but are his thoughts any true? How does that ever matter in terms of me conducting any rules TGMC has? Remind me, which one of us sipped the bitter chalice and decided to make peace, after all the idiotic claims vomited out for the entire time period? I may have been decently rude in my message, but it's eye for an eye
3 - "Not capable of adhering to our rules nor being a decent individual". Sure, I may be a stinging splinter in the ass, but please, find any act of me rulebreaking anything serious, which was somehow overlooked/forgotten/not taken/whatever reason and was not mentioned in my endured bans/warnings. IF you so cling to one image I use in game, may you find other 5-6 marines and beans I play, on which I've taken I guess only 1 ban for griefing, and on which you will never guess it's me, the "pedophile from lifeweb", unless admeme powers come in place
Why you think you should be unbanned: What bad I did to the server and her people to receive a permanent ban? Ever after my last bans, I did not do a single thing in game and out of it to receive a permanent ban, did not induce massive bigorty, did not dox/box/whatever thing, did not post porn and gore in discord, if you want to tie that here in any form, hell, I've even came solely to play the game, not to try the twitter simulator again, I had fun, people had fun with me and I did not spit bile onto other people even when they did it first. Or what policies and rules were changed to fit me into their respective breaks? Or one "trusted" person is enough to sic all the dogs on me and frame, accuse of all the humanity's sins, everything in my absence?
References of good conduct: Realistically,I have none, I didn't spend an hour anywhere else to jump into the community, but I am just a lad who plays the funny 2d vidya about one dolls shooting other dolls, if any of the gameplay styles I do is so BAD to you, why none of the admin staff ever contact me about it? Why I've never received a PM regarding anyone being harassed by me or griefed? Even the playerbase did not take close to the heart whatever my characters or I said myself. Maybe I did that in my sleep or someone else plays on my PC? Please respond accordingly, because I didn't come to call everyone an F in a spite of rage, I have a real wish to just play TGMC
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Re: [BAN] [Bowlofcereal] Kek4ik228

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