Discord Ban Appeal Format & Rules

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Discord Ban Appeal Format & Rules

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Rules regarding Discord ban appeals

1. Anyone is allowed to post with information relating to the episodes that lead to the ban, relevant past unaddressed rule-breaking or borderline behavior by the appellant, or to provide positive feedback giving proper examples of good conduct. Opinions without concrete examples that can be verified through logs or other means are not appreciated.
2. Use the template.
3. Try to keep your ban appeal calm, concise, to the point, and properly formatted.
4. The minimum time between re-appealing is 30 days from the day the appeal was denied.

The process itself

After you post your ban appeal, the administrator that banned you will respond, posting the ban reason and logs if possible.If said administrator is retired or unavailable for any other reason, another one will take over the appeal. During this entire time anyone is free to contribute according to the posting rules described above. After either everything has been said, or enough time has passed, a ruling will be made by the administrator handling it and your ban will either be removed, or stay as it is. The headmin can overrule this decision if they think the decision was incorrect.

Post template

Copy this template into your post. Replace the portions surrounded with <angle brackets> to complete your appeal.

Post title/subject:

Code: Select all

[DISCORD] <Discord Username>
Post contents:

Code: Select all

[b]Discord Username:[/b] <Discord username ***INCLUDING DISCRIMINATOR*** -- like Example#0001 or Test#1234>
[b]Commonly Used Names:[/b] <Other names that you commonly use if your Discord ID is not the same. Otherwise, feel free to remove this portion.>
[b]Banning Admin:[/b] <If you know who you were banned by, put it here. Otherwise, feel free to remove this portion.>
[b]Ban Reason:[/b] <If you know the reason why you were banned, summarize it here. Ideally have this provided to you by someone who can see it in the audit log on the discord server. Otherwise, feel free to remove this portion.>
[b]Time Ban Was Placed:[/b] <Approximate time, include timezone. Example: 2018-08-10 14:00 UTC, two weeks ago, etc>
[b]Your Side of the Story:[/b] <Explain what happened in your own words.>
[b]Why You Think You Should Be Unbanned:[/b] <Why should you get this opportunity to return, what value do you bring back to the community? Was your ban unfair? Justify it.>

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