[Ban Appeal][rohesie] libbysnow - command ban

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[Ban Appeal][rohesie] libbysnow - command ban

Postby Reeeee » Sat Aug 24, 2019 10:42 pm #509770

As before;

I promise to play on server and change nothing about how i play or act.
Well, maybe not act surprised now when you become bloodlusted over "lol" in text format or whatever it was and be so surprised i cannot respond with all seriousness to ahelp and assume you are joking.
All quoted facts and little details must be now allowable and promoted behavior.
Well, maybe not all of them but most of it was fun as fuck when it happened. :D

It's a question of FUN.
The question, back to the original issue on lifting the ban, is on whether you understand the issues here, what we are after for the tone of the game and how we'd like for command and players to behave in general. Could you answer that?

I understand that you are trying to promote some sense of stolen valor BS. That's derp.
I understand that you really have weird ideas about what is fun, and player count reflects that.
I think it's what CM already does. It's why i find it so silly and don't play on it.
It's not fun trying to play some fake man that's literally roleplaying stolen valor.

You can go there for that, how about you make this server fun tilted instead?

This is not a blackmail attempt, this is an attempt to save a dying server with 15 players that I honestly love for gameplay and playerbase.
Heck your rules Rohesie, swap em to what TG consensus is (or proximity, it's not 1 to 1 conversion) and then it's fun again.

Save TGCM, make it fun again and don't get stuck on irrelevant details about "not realistic" behavior on command staff that's dead in a hour anyway.
Please dear derpling, make TGCM fun, not autistic stolen valor milsim that's just a copypaste of CM.

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Re: [Ban Appeal][rohesie] libbysnow - command ban

Postby Rohesie » Sat Aug 24, 2019 10:54 pm #509772

We are open-source, you are free to make your own server with your own rules if you don't like ours.

That said, this appeal is denied. If it's even an appeal.

Have a nice time!

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