[NOTE] [<SpaceLove>] <Aishakitty>

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[NOTE] [<SpaceLove>] <Aishakitty>

Postby Aishakitty » Sun Feb 21, 2021 3:44 pm #592150

BYOND account: <AishaKitty.>
Character name: <Aisha 'Twinkie' Iriguchi.>
The note itself: <Killed the CSE out of misunderstanding by throwing them into lava. Did know rules but still did it. Was appologizing though. This was a violation of Escalation rules.>
Time note was placed: <2021-02-21 14:54:17 | TGMC | SpaceLove.>
Round ID in which note was placed: <7430.>
Your side of the story: <Operation started with FC (LT Rodolfo 'El Gato' Dumas.) providing this well drawn image of his plan. (https://i.imgur.com/UVm45H1.png) From what I heard at the time it was planned by the FC for Alpha and Bravo to go on the ALAMO, WITH Charlie and Delta to LZ1 first, then ride by themselves to LZ2. At some point, the Captain, or the FC, or CE, said for DELTA to go to the TADPOLE. I repeated the order to my squad and we made way over to it. We were then told to go back to the alamo. This happened again, with us going to the alamo, then being told by the FC, this time, to get on the Tadpole. Shortly after getting most of Alpha and Bravo BACK onto the tadpole, The CE, from the pilot seat, sent us to the Surface.

It was at this point that things got much worse, as the CE (LTJG Larry Thorn) had selected Random coordinates, despite knowing that Alpha was to be headed to LZ2, as that was the only thing unchanged in the confusion of orders. Shortly after landing at the seemingly random coordinates, the Xeno Hive arrived, and *someone* opened the shutters.

I stated over squad chat to "STAY ON THE TAD" and closed the shutters, only for someone to open them, again. It was at this time that Xeno's started lobbing Acid, and crushers were getting on the Tad, while the shutters were being spammed open and closed.

The CE then said: https://imgur.com/a/flgDNms .

Which, would've very quickly gotten us killed from Acid, crushers, or screeches.

Thankfully the shutters were closed for the remained of the time it took the Tad to be ready to launch again, and the Tad flew and landed at LZ2. From there, the CE, who had chosen where the Tad was going to land, and had told marines to keep the shutters open when the only thing that it was going to accomplish was getting himself, and the rest of my squad killed, said: https://imgur.com/a/RxKFGHJ . AND https://imgur.com/a/AACgTAE.

After being as incompetent as he was, getting marines killed, and almost killing the rest of the squad, then crying over comms that orders were inconsistent. I took the CE (LTJG Larry Thorn), shut him up by taking his Earpiece away, grabbed him-

And threw him into the lava outside LZ2. With intent for it to kill him. With clear understanding that Escalation rules in TGMC do not allow that to be done.>

Why do you think it should be removed/reworded: <The CE (LTJG Larry Thorn) was making incompetent ICly decisions, likely with good intent, but was going to cost not only the lives of everyone on the tadpole, but also the tadpole itself, I made the equally IC and OOC decision to relieve him of his authority, and willingly broke the rules doing so at no point did I 'misunderstand' what was going on, or 'apologize' for killing him. Reworded, Remove the words: "Out of misunderstanding" and "Was appologizing[sic] though" and add context that is more clear in place of 'out of misunderstanding' such as "Killed CE for selecting random coordinates and deploying Tadpole, and instructing marines to "go fight" as the entire hive attacked the tadpole before the main LZ shutters were opened." or further if necessary.>

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Re: [NOTE] [<SpaceLove>] <Aishakitty>

Postby Lewdcifer » Sun Feb 21, 2021 11:36 pm #592335

Considering how there's a duplicate appeal of this one, which has already been resolved, I'll be moving this to the bin.

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