[<N/A>] Tesora - The Big Ban

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[<N/A>] Tesora - The Big Ban

Postby Tesora » Wed Apr 28, 2021 8:20 pm #598995

BYOND account: Tesora

Character name: N/A

Ban type: Discord/Server ban

Ban length: Permanent

Ban reason: Argued about a 2 weeks ban on the Discord channel (?)

Time ban was placed: Some 2 years ago

Server you were playing on when banned: TGMC (?)

[b]Why you think you should be unbanned:
Well, since I don't have any major griefs IC and have been friendly towards players and staff IC causing no problems inside the game and given the fact that this ban is over 2/3 years ago, I think I may be able to get unbanned now, I'm not saying I was innocent when I got banned, but I think this could've been handled in another way, since I didn't do nothing IC but OOC.

Anything else we should know: Haven't played SS13 since I got banned here, this was my fav servers so far because of the nice community and rules, sincerely I can say that I never liked how some things were handled here but accepted it until the time of my 2 weeks ban, where I saw the reasoning unfair given that some moderator had asked me what was going on, handled it and only left me with a warning, then another one came and banned me without saying nothing, that made me upset and I went to complain about how it was unfair, I didn't sweared, I didn't blamed nobody, only said it was a unfair ban on the Discord channel(something I know isn't allowed). I also would like to say that after my ban, a head administrator that I don't remember the name of said I could ask him any questions I had about the ban, since I had been banned from both game and discord I only could ask him on this forum, sadly I never got an answer back when I asked what was the real reasoning of my game ban, so I know why I'm banned from the discord but I don't know why I'm banned from the game, which is the only one I want to get lifted. I'm sorry if I had offended anyone, I can say I'm a new person now and that I changed a lot, I can give my word I won't try to reason bans or anything related anymore, I don't know what's the value of it though.

Note: Sorry if you find any gramatical issues, I never had studied this language on my life.

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Re: [<N/A>] Tesora - The Big Ban

Postby Cimika » Wed Apr 28, 2021 8:37 pm #598996

Hey, it appears you're appealing a TGMC ban, but this is the /tg/ subforum, I'll move the topic for you, cheers.
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Re: [<N/A>] Tesora - The Big Ban

Postby Lewdcifer » Mon May 03, 2021 5:48 pm #599322

You were banned from both our Discord and the game server because:
  • You had a generally rude demeanor towards others, including our admins.
  • You were also a huge nuisance, trying to get multiple admin rulings and contacting as many admins as you could over DMs.
  • You questioned every ruling that was given to you, even when you were clearly in the wrong.
  • You have been noted a grand total of 14 times by multiple admins, and banned 5 times, all of these for breaking our rules.

Additionally, and to quote your ban reason: "[...] Don't bother appealing this without a very good voucher [...]".

I don't particularly see a voucher, nor do I intend to go back on our previous head administrator's words.
I will be denying this appeal with all of the above in mind. Don't bother appealing again until you have a voucher.

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