Note Appeal-Quint 'Bad Luck' Hawkings-Ridgyax

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Note Appeal-Quint 'Bad Luck' Hawkings-Ridgyax

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BYOND account: <Ridgyax.>
Character name: <Quint 'Bad Luck' Hawkings.>
The note itself: <As Marine, shot a PO who stole their bike. Warned about rules of escalation..>
Time note was placed: <2022-01-26 01:16:47 .>
Round ID in which note was placed: <Round 13088 .>
Your side of the story: <I claimed one of the bikes almost immediately over comms, and sat in front of REQ for a good 10 minutes, while repeating said claim over comms, and asking for the FC to come and open up REQ to get a bike. Once REQ was opened by a Synth, marines kinda flooded in. I dashed towards the bikes, grabbed one, and started dragging it behind me, I got pushed a bit and the bike got moved as well since you can't move through it, only push it. A PO grabbed the bike, and drove around REQ, attempting to avoid me while I told them I had claimed the bike. I repeatedly attempted to disarm the PO to shove them off, and then started punching them after they disarmed me and shoved me to the ground a few times, before making their escape. I acquired a laser pistol at Ocelot's request as an alternative to buckshot, and attempted to shoot them with the disabler multiple times, getting a few hits on the bike itself at least, but not appearing to do anything to the PO, while at the same time continuing the goose chase and yelling at the PO. I switched to heat mode with the laser pistol and landed a shot on the PO, ceasing fire while they burned and continued to drive around the alamo. They drove the bike into the cockpit and stashed it there, but I fired on them a few more times with heat mode, putting them into crit after a few more seconds. I am unaware if they died or not.>
Why do you think it should be removed/reworded: <I attempted to follow escalation as best as I could with the circumstances, as it's nigh impossible to catch someone on a bike if you aren't also on a bike, and I felt they had the intent (The PO) of just messing with me and taunting with it, despite repeated attempts over comms to acquire it back, and with the help of other marines. I would like it at least reworded that I attempted to follow the escalation as best I could under the circumstances, with them not firing back, other than disarming>
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Re: Note Appeal-Quint 'Bad Luck' Hawkings-Ridgyax

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While the PO was not complying with your efforts to have the bike returned, they never escalated by increasing force proportional to your own; you pushed, punched, then lethally shot, but the only level of force they ever elevated to was pushing in return. This represents a failure to properly escalate combat.

Though the PO’s actions were out of line, this was being handled by administrators, and even so did not necessitate the lethal force applied on your behalf. While I understand that having your equipment taken is upsetting, the actions you took in response were greater than what is acceptable given the PO's actions.

Extent of force escalation by the PO, Yack Miller:
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Extent of force escalation by Quint Hawkings:
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Re: Note Appeal-Quint 'Bad Luck' Hawkings-Ridgyax

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AzonStarfall has decided to keep the note as-is. There's no need to change the note, given that it accurately represents the situation.

With that said, I will be resolving this thread.

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