Ban Appeal for TGMC

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Ban Appeal for TGMC

Postby Haiduk » Tue Jan 12, 2021 11:44 pm #587174

BYOND account:Assmakerbaker (ip banned)
[b]Character name:Do not remember
[b]Ban type:Griefing
[b]Ban length:Permanent
[b]Ban reason:I acted autistic and killed an afk ally player
[b]Time ban was placed:2020-11-27 14:45:35
[b]Round ID in which ban was placed:6164
[b]Your side of the story:I went on the tgmc server to see what it is about, after I encountered a player being afk and immediately killed them with a knife, I admit my actions where not acceptable and this all happened at a time when I did not understand the basics of ss13 and role play to the fullest and thought that this kind of behaviour was acceptable, since then I have matured and become very familiar with this server and it's laws and rules, as the admins from Sybil and Terry could testify
[b]Why you think you should be unbanned: I do not blame you for banning me and since the only experience you have with me is this totally avoidable incident you may only see me as an outsider and a threat and I cannot give you much reason to unbann me, but if you would be kind enough to give me a second chance I assure you, you will not be regretting it
[b]References of good conduct:As I have said I have been banned in the first 5 seconds of playing on this server so no point in adding anything here

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Re: Ban Appeal for TGMC

Postby JeanManche » Wed Jan 13, 2021 12:39 pm #587211

Hey. Remembering the story.

It's been a month, and it's a new year, so we can start fresh again.

I'll proceed to unban you in a short notice, please, read the rules so that you can enjoy playing with us.

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