[Admin abuse] (Unknown staff member)

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[Admin abuse] (Unknown staff member)

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BYOND account: JeanManche
Character name: My char wasn't ban but still : Mark 'Echo' Kesserline
Admin in question: Unknown. I do not know which admin did it for that round.
When did it take place: For the whole duration.
Round ID in which ban was placed: It should be 10881
Evidence: Image
Your side of the story:
Within admin application, there is direct question about how would staff handle events.
The implied and expected answer would be to make a vote, and to make an event enjoyable for the majority of players conected at that time.
No vote was made. And the event was clearly poorly chosen. A 150% stat buff for the entire hive, for a full kitted CAS in exchange. So basically, putting all the fun for the marine side, in one role. And ultra buffing xenos in return.
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Re: [Admin abuse] (Unknown staff member)

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I was the queen during this round it was way too easy for us. And it was a speedrun victory, we hijacked before 12:40.
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Re: [Admin abuse] (Unknown staff member)

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Hello. Thank you for making this complaint, and I apologize for the incredibly late response on the matter.

The admin responsible for this was SunoPerson, who as of currently is no longer an admin as they've chosen to retire after discussing matters properly with him.
As such, I don't think there's much else to be done here.

Have a good one.

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