[PLAYER REPORT] Kul Raba - Kieran Nathaniel Riley

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[PLAYER REPORT] Kul Raba - Kieran Nathaniel Riley

Postby DwayneJohnson6942069 » Sat Apr 04, 2020 5:28 am #553069

[b]BYOND account: dwaynejohnson6942069
[b]Your character name: Kieran Nathaniel Riley
[b]Their character name(s): Kul Raba
[b]When did it take place: about 1:20 est
[b]Round ID in which ban was placed: 133872
[b]Evidence: watch the round replay
[b]Your side of the story: So I was sitting there broke into captains quarter and took his outfit. HoP then walked up to me and stated "why do you have the captains stuff" I was in the middle of typing when he simply pulled out a energy gun, set it to kill and shot me. He then beat my head until it exploded and disposed of my corpse. I was just banned for the exact reason and they are allowed to do this simply because they are command? I spoke to many people inside of dead chat and they said if he doesnt bring me to medical then its grounds for a report. He simply threw my body into the trash can and everyone said thats a report. I did not attack him at all and attempted to run away. All I had equipped was a command door opener which simply opens all bridge doors if i click on it. It was clearly visable and was used directly infront of him so he could not mistake it as a weapon.

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Re: [PLAYER REPORT] Kul Raba - Kieran Nathaniel Riley

Postby terranaut » Sat Apr 04, 2020 7:17 am #553090

your game events happened over at one of the /tg/ servers and not TGMC.
I'll save you some hassle though:
- breaking into the captains office is grounds for instant execution
- /tg/ doesn't take player reports at this time.
There are also no round replays.
I will be closing this. If you believe my answers are unsatisfactory the proper subforum would be here.

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