Ban appeal [MrWoth] [KluexTheSunborn] (attempt nubma two)

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Ban appeal [MrWoth] [KluexTheSunborn] (attempt nubma two)

Postby LimboBaggins » Thu Apr 09, 2020 9:38 am #554084

BYOND account: <>
Character name: <Jhonny Smith>
Ban type: <Server>
Ban length: <Permanent>
Ban reason: <Multiple counts of Griefing, Teamkilling, and suspected metacomms.>
Time ban was placed: <2019-11-05 15:32:48>
Round ID in which ban was placed: <1685 >
Your side of the story: <So, it was a crash on the LV-624. Me, as a specialist, and my friend, a doctor, went to the nexus to get a disk when another group of marines went the other way. Synth, who was behind the consoles at that time, ordered me to protect the ship, but since I was a flamethrower, I refused, because I was needed at the front. During the printing of the disc, the synth in every possible way reproached the walkie-talkie for any convenient occasion. After getting the disk, when we returned for supplies, I went to the synth to speak with him personally. This conversation did not lead to anything, so I smeared him and went on. After a while, we were declared traitors, but not one marin did not touch us, despite the cries of the synth on the walkie-talkie that they should kill us. After all three disks were in our hands, the last time we went on a ship to replenish supplies in front of the road to the cave. Looking at the cockpit, I noticed that the synth, most likely frightened of us, welded the doors. By then his reproaches had infuriated me so much that I decided to blow up the door to talk with him again. When the door opened, a synth with a knife jumped on us, we had no choice but to protect. I set him on fire and while he was running and screaming, we replenished supplies and moved on. Due to injuries, we returned back, to this moment he was revived. As soon as he woke up, he again began to shout that we were traitors and did not have the right to live. Having smeared him with a knife, we shrugged, deciding to ignore him until the end of the round. We went to the cave, warning the marines to prepare for evacuation, because by the time of the skirmish under the ship there were a lot of losses. Having reached the lake, activating the bomb and dragging it to the cave, we were surrounded by xenomorphs. There were 30 seconds left on the bomb, I told the walkie-talkie to let the marines fly away, because most likely we would not go any further. In response, we only heard "Do not believe them." We waited for some time, warning everyone again, after which we were forced to activate a bomb under the pressure of the enemy. There was an explosion, no one flew away, everyone is unhappy.
At the end or the next round MrWorth wrote that he was getting an admin panel soon. We never found out who he was, maybe that synth. Playing as a xenomorph, I got banned for the above reason. I wanted to challenge the fact of the accusation that I had griefed and timkillil several times, since all that was was the murder of a synth. I did not understand his behavior. In my opinion, synth is an inanimate machine that should NOT dismorale the marines, which is cut off from the group, brew in its closet and order others to shoot someone for their own reasons. I do not hide the fact that I talked with my friend through third-party programs and I admit my guilt about this>
Why you think you should be unbanned: <Enough time has passed since the ban, and I realized that sometimes it’s worth not noticing people like this synth, but just waiting for the end of the round and talking to him in OOC chat, or contact the administration. I fell into it under the pressure of the game’s tension, my supplies were running out, there were fewer and fewer marines, and a piece of iron shouting in your ear, which recommends avoiding, or even shoot you at the first meeting. I also realized that it’s not worth communicating with someone from the game during the round, even if we will exchange some phrases in the game itself.Tho it's more atmospheric and more interesting. This is my first ban, and I promise that I will be a good boi. New year, new me!>

Updates for this time: I don't know why no one replyed to this appeal before, that's all. I still hope what someone will answer this apeeal now. I spent almost another three months thinking about my guilt and am fully aware of my guilt, promising to get better. I've looked on recently appeals and I hope what you will accept me too. Thank you for wasting your time reading this appeal. I also played on Evoturd`s server, you can ask many people from there about my behaviour.

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Re: Ban appeal [MrWoth] [KluexTheSunborn] (attempt nubma two)

Postby MrWorth » Fri Apr 10, 2020 2:03 am #554271

Hello, thank you for appealing.

I am satisfied that it has been long enough and that you realize what you did was not the correct thing to do. Please be more mindful in the future.

Appeal is APPROVED and I will get that ban lifted as soon as I can.

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