[PLAYER REPORT] Nick Brick | Caryl Linbourg

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[PLAYER REPORT] Nick Brick | Caryl Linbourg

Postby JohnWillard » Wed Apr 15, 2020 4:13 pm #555655

BYOND account: John Willard
Your character name: Caryl Linbourg
Their character name(s): Nick Brick
When did it take place: 4:00 PM UTC
Round ID in which ban was placed: 134793
Evidence: All here: https://imgur.com/a/oDOqbgB
Your side of the story: The HoS, Nick Brick, told the paramedic that they never saw me when they questioned my whereabouts, despite them being the one to murder and incinerate me moments prior. They defended all round, despite the fact the Wizard murdered actual crew and put him in an MMI to carry around with them. They also told me I'd get sent to perma if I harmed them (which I haven't, since I didn't want to get perma), killed the Detective for trying to take the Wizard down, and, because I insulted them due to them saying they hated Nanotrasen and to step down, entered my chapel uninvited, shot me dead with lethal shotgun rounds and incinerated my body, saying I "hurt his pride". I did no harm to the Wizard ALL round, so he had absolutely no reason to do that to me, especially since he's a head and did NOTHING but defend the wizard, rather than do his actual job and defend crew. Also, even if I DID harm the Wizard, they're not crew and is ALWAYS VALID. I was permanently kicked out of the game because the HoS' feelings were hurt because I said the Wizard was bad for killing people, blowing holes into the station and was generally a menace. Not only has the HoS been defending them, but the HoS said themselves that we wouldn't call the shuttle until the wizard completed their objectives.

(Also, I'd like to say this was on Manuel)

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Re: [PLAYER REPORT] Nick Brick | Caryl Linbourg

Postby terranaut » Thu Apr 16, 2020 3:16 am #555774

Manuel is part of the regular set of /tg/ servers. You're in the TGMC subforum.
The regular servers currently do not take player reports / ban requests unless in very, very extreme cases.
While that HoS is a shitter and should be banned it probably won't happen. If you wanna try anyway ask their admins on Discord.

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