[DISCORD] spookydonut #6995

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[DISCORD] spookydonut #6995

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Discord Username: spookydonut #6995
Banning Admin: Rohesie
Ban Reason: Telling Rohesie to fuck off twice
Time Ban Was Placed: January-ish
Your Side of the Story: Rohesie came in late to a conversation/argument and picked a fight with me, to which I told them to fuck off, twice. This was my standard response to Rohesie trying to pick a fight. I will admit the second "fuck off" was excessive.
Why You Think You Should Be Unbanned: I don't think the ban was justified in the first place given Rohesie was personally and emotionally involved in the situation. Many people on discord are using my absence as an opportunity to disparage my reputation and attribute falsehoods to my actions or blame me for things I haven't done.
As a maintainer it has made my job difficult in not being able to discuss things on discord.
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Re: [DISCORD] spookydonut #6995

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Thanks for waiting out the time since the first appeal.
I'm accepting the appeal and will unban you from discord.

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