admin complaint

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admin complaint

Postby Tasald » Wed May 27, 2020 11:19 pm #563032

I sent an ahelp regarding a doctor 'Metbea Matt', that was killing a marine in the surgery room. the response I got from SunoPerson was that 'the person had a larva in them, which was the same stuff Matt was saying in looc.

The two issues are, 1 killing a marine out side of the eord area, as a doctor, and justifying it because they were 'infected'.

2 possibly answering ones own ahelp? as in the admin was the player getting ahelped about and chose to respond to their own complaint.

number 1 seems like a really bad excuse for a doctor to be justified in killing a marine on the operating table.

number 2 might not be an issue, if your policy doesn't say staff can't answer ahelps regarding them? or if it wasn't the staff playing that character.

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Re: admin complaint

Postby terranaut » Fri Jun 05, 2020 12:05 am #564137

Hi, sorry for the late reply but it's difficult to follow up on these things if the format isn't followed (Round ID especially is helpful).
Let me start off by saying that Suno wasn't personally involved and just get that out of the way.
As for the issue at hand, I've spoken to Suno and gotten some more context. The doctor was killing an infected Marine as the doctor didn't have time to complete surgery before round end. I agree that that's less than optimal and told Suno to speak to the doctor should a similiar situation come up in the future; as there seemed to be no malicious intent and there is generally some leeway when there's time constraints, not actioning it was most likely the right call, though. For example, if Xenos are about to breach and would likely just secure the infected marine to make sure he bursts and there is no realistic chance to fight back, killing him would probably have been fine.
Keep in mind these situations are always context sensitive, and it's difficult to make general statements.
I'll leave this open for 48 hours or so and then close it if there are no other questions.

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