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[Player Report] [Several players] Artem Noscor

PostPosted: Thu Jun 18, 2020 4:54 am
by thisisdumb
BYOND account: Kezai
Your character name: Artem Noscor
Their character name(s): I don't remember them as I was busy with several things at the same time, attack logs should show as it happened early in the round.
When did it take place: About 12:40 AM UTC.
Round ID in which ban was placed: Was the one that started after 12:24 AM UTC, bot bugged out and does not show ID.
Evidence: Did not save anything else in the round, but Darkplasmaray was the one handling it.
Your side of the story: Marines were trying to break into requisitions as soon as the round started. Was busy trying to make plans and ordering stuff so most of what happened was hard to remember. 2 marines, a PFC and SG, were attempting to break in and destroyed a lot of glasses. One of them was the primary instigator according to Dark and was doing it because they wanted a shorter path to the hangar. The SG wanted a module that I had already approved for him but could not wait and was demanding the warehouse be open. I resorted to flashing everyone to kept pouring in as I did not want to deal with it and eventually they started breaking down everything that was not a wall to get inside requisitions to mob the console. During this time Dark offered to help but at first I declined as it was only 2 people and he spawned in walls where the windows were broken. As it progressed it turned into a riot and my flash was taken from me so there was nothing I could do. The riot turned into a gun fight as one person started shooting and another Russian guy opened fire with a PPSh to defend me but still managed to hit me and I think several other people. Right after the captain came up the ladder and wordlessly started unloading the Mateba on me and the PFC trying to heal me. That is in the video above. After that I gave up and because I was not allowed to shoot back I threatened everyone who did not leave that I would detonate grenades in the middle of the department. The mob did not go away so I did it, which made them leave while I was dying from my injuries. Dark did not like it and resulted in him bwoinking me for it which led to him trying to make me apologize to the original PFC who tried breaking in, and trying to ban the PFC who was healing me and got shot in the video. The rest of the rioters and the people who actually opened fire were not punished and instead we were the ones being teleported to a room to be "mature" with one another. These kind of players are toxic and only make being support staff harder than it already is.

Re: [Player Report] [Several players] Artem Noscor

PostPosted: Fri Jun 19, 2020 4:55 pm
by terranaut
Just for future reference, the round ID is 3919, on 2020/06/18.

The events you recounted are pretty much accurate so there's no need to go over them in huge detail. The primary instigator is also the only one who attacked you (the other one only disarmed you and stole the flash), aside from the captain which I'll get to in a moment.
The guy who shot up Req and actually attacked you was banned for the whole incident and the other person was noted, both by darkplasmaray at the time of the incident. The captain is a bit of a difficult case, all the say logs show them trying to support you, attempting to de-escalate and ordering marines to back off aswell as giving you clearance to defend yourself (nonlethally). Additionally, they've attacked your attackers (you were hit once). They have several connections and no negative notes, so I think it's fair to say that they hit you on accident and were trying to help you.

I've spoken to dark and I'll clarify that he wasn't trying to make you apologize in some attempt to action what you did but just as an attempt to try to calm things down and return some level of peace, you and the marine are nominally on the same team and follow the same goals after all, so that's absolutely fine for him to do.
One thing I do want to add is a note to your account since you pulled a grenade and just sorta bombed req. I fully understand and appreciate it was a measure of self-defense and you were probably frustrated, but you've been around for long enough to know that we always say not to shoot back when you get ff'd. We're unlike /tg/ or most other servers in a few things related to that, as there's no antag paranoia you always know without a shadow of a doubt that you're being griefed and the other guy is breaking the rules and that's why we'll aheal you and ban the other guy if it comes to that. Both these things make it unnecessary to fight back, especially in the way of just throwing primed grenades which risks damaging further bystanders.
I want the note to reflect that you were in a bad spot and for it to not be harsh to you so I'm going to talk to you about the wording before placing it and be open to changing it. That does not mean the note is optional.
This is what I had in mind:
Code: Select all
During round 3919 as RO, several marines broke into Req despite them staffing it and serving it and their repeated warnings to stay out. After attempts to get the marines out via flashes, they were eventually disarmed and shot by one of the marines. Stripped of other means to defend themselves, they warned the marines a final time, threatening to grenade them. The warning was ignored and the grenade primed, resulting mostly in damage to themselves and some minro damage on the attackers and third parties. This note is to serve as a reminder that in incidents of friendly fire the best course of action is to ahelp and not fight back and should only be considered relevant for further action in cases of overtly strong self-defense via lethal means or poorly controllable AoE-effects.

Re: [Player Report] [Several players] Artem Noscor

PostPosted: Sat Jun 20, 2020 5:35 pm
by thisisdumb
The note is accurate to the events, I am fine with it.

I thought I saw the shooters still playing but my memory is not the best so I will take your word for it. As long as the griefers were banned that is good enough for me, ruined the round. Thanks.

Re: [Player Report] [Several players] Artem Noscor

PostPosted: Tue Jun 23, 2020 4:18 pm
by terranaut