[COMPLAINT] [Darkplasmaray] <Jroinc1>

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[COMPLAINT] [Darkplasmaray] <Jroinc1>

Postby JPR » Sun Jul 26, 2020 4:29 pm #570759

BYOND account: Jroinc1
Character name: Random larva, random drone
Admin in question: admeme ghost? It's literally in the post title.
When did it take place: 4:18 PM
Round ID in which ban was placed: 4473
Evidence: N/A, someone else can pull logs if they really think it's needed, I don't.
Your side of the story: Join the server. Spawned in as a larva. Left the silo I spawned at, triggered a mine, exploded, and insta-gibbed.

Respawned as a larva, evolved to drone (as the only drone/shrike/queen). Left the silo, weeded south, rested on weeds.

While resting and STATIONARY, "triggered" a "mine" that deleted all the weeds near me and threw me into lava, killing me. Again.

Adminhelped, and got confirmation that he placed a buncha mines that would trigger on anyone everywhere and announced it on roundstart.

Was offered a revive, turned it down because I don't feel like playing after getting gibbed twice via admin intervention, with no reason to think it won't happen again.

Recommended action- If you're gonna take an action that will affect the entire round (an "event", per se) and can kill players, use Custom Information instead of QM announce/TGMC report because that's actually persistent for latejoins. Especially on the FIRST ROUND of the day.


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Re: [COMPLAINT] [Darkplasmaray] <Jroinc1>

Postby darkplasmaray » Mon Jul 27, 2020 8:41 pm #570834

I realised I could deploy land mines, and then air drop those land mines with the supply pods. I thought this was very funny at the time, so I decided to do a quick mini-event with it. I announced on the marine command as Nanotrasen that an old supply of land mines was on a crash course for the planet. I randomly dropped the land mines around the map, but around the areas where I thought both marines and xenos would go.The land mines exploded on both marines and xenos. After I dropped the mines, I announced as the queen mother talking about the land mines. - my side of the story

In terms of you getting killed by them twice, I checked the logs and yeah, you were killed by land mines it seems, although it just says "explosion" and not "land mine exploded". I did not detonate any of the land mines you went near, I am honestly unsure why a land mine would explode when you are resting. I didn't think it would cause that much of an issue, because nobody else had made a report about being killed by land mines, I just thought they'd be a funny little nuisance. In terms of the custom information though, I thought that was what gets displayed when a user joins the server, and usually nobody reads that stuff unless there's an event, which is why I decided not to do so, as I thought nobody would read it anyway. I offered to respawn you but you didn't want it, and insisted on swearing at me.

Anyway sorry you didn't like it mate, have a good'n.

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Re: [COMPLAINT] [Darkplasmaray] <Jroinc1>

Postby terranaut » Tue Jul 28, 2020 12:05 pm #570888

I've spoken to Darkplasmaray and he's understanding of the fact that just placing down random kill tiles is not a very fun event (he came to that conclusion himself by the time I spoke to him already). I highlighted that an event should have player interaction; give the players something new, different or more difficult to do, instead of just being a drain and extra worry that is hard and frustrating to play against without at least offering some sense of accomplishment when you do manage to overcome it.
The merit of custom round info as an extra layer especially for late joins is undisputed and something I repeated to him.
I have no plans to take further actions, I'll leave the thread open for a day or so if you have any other questions and will close it otherwise.

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