TGMC (MrEagle) - Banned by SpaceLove - 2021 - 09 -11

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TGMC (MrEagle) - Banned by SpaceLove - 2021 - 09 -11

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(Originally before the ban the username is MrEagle but the ID is guaranteed #2147)

Banning Admin: SpaceLove

Ban reason and time given in the ban: (Image shown below)

Byond ID: MrEagle

The story:
Before the ban, I met another player who became senior admin, known to be CanABee (now retired) was underaged and was given senior staff by SpaceLove himself; I believed at the time that the staff who were applied was over the age of 18. Hence meeting CanABee and treating her as a good friend with given romantic complaints in IC during the rounds which I admit was inappropriate. This doesn’t help the fact that I broke the rules before meeting CanAbee (I believed was breaking character and being rude to other staff members) so given the perspective from SpaceLove. I was rather obvious that a permanent ban was lifted.

The reason I should be unbanned:
The ban was applied a year ago and I have acknowledged my behaviour was not acceptable and promise to be better for the foreseeable future, a second chance is all I ask for.
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Re: TGMC (MrEagle) - Banned by SpaceLove - 2021 - 09 -11

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This does not mention the DMs sent to the Administrator in question, CanABee. For reference this was done before our rules of "dont say, dont tell", in which we implemented the 18+ rule due to people like this in the appeal here. You sent plenty of pornographic content to CanABee in their direct messages, and you make no mention of it here. The staff team very much still has this incident in their minds, so hiding information isn't going to make a difference.

Consider this denied.

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