[Kyasuta] - Administrator Application

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[Kyasuta] - Administrator Application

Postby Kyasuta » Fri Mar 29, 2019 9:47 am #486758

Current ckey and any previous ckeys: kyasuta

Character name(s): Rinya ‘Venus’ Kostya

Timezone: Australian Central Daylight Time (GMT +10:30)

Discord tag: Kyasuta#0643 (Known by the nickname “A Panda” in the TGMC Discord)

Any previous experience administrating? Where and in what manner: General Forum administration for a few old forums that used to exist and a few for friends.

How familiar are you with our ruleset: I have read through the rules multiple times and understand them. I re-read them generally every week in case something has changed.

How long have you been playing TGMC and other servers in general: I started playing at roughly the start of this year (2019) and have played ten total full rounds. Kind of small due to timezone restrictions as the server usually is up early morning for me.

Have you been banned from any SS13 servers within the past 6 months? If so, what server, and for what reason: No.

Have you ever received a permanent ban from a server? If so, what server, and for what reason: No.

Why do you want to become an administrator: Even with my time in the server, I’ve come to like it. Both the game itself and it’s community (not a joke, a lot of you are actually alright people and can actually be funny at the best of times). As well as this, with the times that I can be on with my timezone, I’m hoping it will provide others who like the game as much as I do to play it more often as well as attract people who are normally unable to play due to the time the server is normally up.

=Example Scenario Questions=

1. A player shoots another player near the start of the round, but the MPs have already detained and brigged him.
Follow-up on this by messaging the player that shot at the other player and find out if there was a reason and what that reason was. Ask the affected player if they provoked the other marine IC.

2. You see a player walking around the ship without any clothes on, looking pretty lost.
Send a polite message to the player asking if they are new to the server and require help.

3. A player is getting aggressive in adminhelps and requesting to speak to a higher ranking staff member.
Politely ask the player to not be aggressive before talking to other admins about the topic of the adminhelps.

4. You notice a player with a name that doesn't fit our naming rules. The player is arguing that they've used the name for several years across multiple servers and no one has told them to change it before.
Inform the player that the naming rules may vary between servers and that the naming rules they are used to may be different to our own.

5. You see an MT running around in armor and carrying a rifle. The security level is green with no threat present.
Observe for a moment, if not playing I would watch for longer in case griefing is going to occur. If not, politely remind him that it’s generally frowned upon to be armored and armed with a rifle as a role that really shouldn’t have reason to have one at Security Level Green. If playing and IC, ask the MT why they are armored and carrying a rifle on them. As I generally play as a Pilot Officer IC, I would ask him to either return both the armor and rifle to where he found them, or politely ask him to hand them over and I will return them personally. If he declines or is spotted again IC and still on Security Level Green, I would notify MP.

6. The round is stagnating. There are 14 marines and 4 aliens. The marines won't leave the ship, and the aliens won't attack. What would you do, to "encourage" the sides to engage each other?
Create a valid IC reason to force one side to attack the other. For an example, provide aliens motivation by starting an event of planet destruction, either via Marine intervention due to misinformation of the severity of the situation on the planet or via natural causes.

7. A marine is running around disarming other marines and stealing their gear near the beginning of the round.
Send the offending marine a message informing them that they are disrupting the game for other players with no valid IC reasons and ask them politely to stop. Considered a warning in the repeat offence escalation process.

8. A marine has killed another marine. When you ask him why, he said it was because the other marine had punched him or said something rude towards him.
Inform the offending marine that the response to the situation was rather exaggerated for the IC reason provided and advise that next time inform Military Police IC about it. Considered a warning.

9. There are minor racist comments going on IC. 9 of the 10 people are laughing and roleplaying but one player gets offended and adminhelps about it.
Advise the marine to ask in LOOC for the others to stop the racist comments as it is offending them OOCly. If offending marines either continue or are rude to the offended player, intervene with a warning for it to stop as it is offending a player OOCly and possibly disrupting their experience in turn.

10. A marine opens fire at several marines during briefing killing multiple people and logs off before you can message him.
Check the logs for the marine’s name and acquire the player’s ckey. If the player returns at a later time, message them and ask why they did what they did. Provide a temporary ban to the player, length based on severity/how many players were affected. Offer to revive affected players if they are still in the server.

11. You see a larva die near the frontlines. Upon further investigation, you see that they burst in a safe place far away.
Ask the larva what IC reason they had for being on the frontlines. If there is a valid reason, let them continue. If there is not a valid reason, advise the player to stay in the spot they burst if it is safe.

12. You see a xeno excessively saying phrases like "Ayyylmao", "Reeeee" and similar in the hivemind chat.
Message the offending player and politely ask them to either stop or at least severely reduce the amount of times they say such phrases or similar.

13. A command staff player mentions during briefing that there might be xenos on the planet.
Politely ask the player to explain the IC reason for them giving this explanation. If reason is sufficient, allow them to continue. If the reason is not valid, advise they either inform during briefing there is "life signatures" on the planet or simply advising marines to be on guard. Or if possible, have proof this information was gained IC.

14. A marine kills another marine on the Evac Pod to take the last spot, but has roleplayed the situation quite well.
If roleplayed out quite well, ask for the IC reason prior to the incident and get the status of both marines before the incident occurred. If the IC reason is valid, continue but apologise to the killed marine after explaining the circumstances.

15. You see an SSD Squad Leader in the preparation room 1 hour into the round. When you check the logs, you notice he logged off near the beginning of the round.
Check to see if an aSL has been assigned to the squad the SL was assigned. If the SL is equipped with gear, remove the gear from the SL before removing them from play. If the player returns, inform them about what had happened and, if still in the beginning half of the round, offer to spawn the player back in as a preferred role in the default spawn for that role, if that role is filled and is a limited capacity role, inform the player of such. If it is in the latter half of the round, inform them of such and recommending that, if possible, to enter a cryopod before leaving next time and informing relevant roles IC that they will not be playing with a valid IC reason.

16. You see a member of the staff give wrong information in an adminhelp.
Message the staff member about the misinformation politely, explaining what they had got wrong before allowing them to correct themselves.

17. You see a member of the staff abusing his powers in-game or otherwise breaking the administrator rules.
Inform the offending member of staff about abuse of their powers or breaking of the administrator rules before informing a more experienced member of staff about the incident before setting up an 'Admin Complaint' post.

18. You see a player bashing another server or player in OOC.
Politely message the offending player to both stop bashing the other player/server and provide a warning. If they continue or are spotted doing the same offence go through normal repeat offence escalation.

19. A player ahelps saying that they were instantly killed by another member of their squad. When you ask their squad member who shot them, they said that it was accidental friendly fire.
Investigate by asking both players what the situation was when this happened. If there is a valid mistake, advise the offending marine to be a little more careful. If not a valid reason, warn the offending marine and go through normal repeat offence escalation.

Additional Information: As I stated above in my reasoning for being an Administrator, I’m in a different timezone to what I assume is most of the the community. I currently live in Australia and with this I’m hoping to be able to help in keeping the server up and available for longer for everyone to play on.

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Re: [Kyasuta] - Administrator Application

Postby Kyasuta » Fri Mar 29, 2019 11:16 am #486771

A few situations can emerge from this, describe how would you handle each:
a) The shooter tells you it was an accident and that he misclicked.
b) The shooter doesn't respond, and in general seems pretty confused.
c) The shooter tells you it was because that player didn't defib him the previous round.

a) I'd advise the shooter to be a little more careful next time, either through making sure the weapon is not selected or through making sure to not click near other players unless absolutely sure. Apologise about the situation after.
b) Quickly check damage logs just in case the affected had possibly been lying about it, if so, talk to the affected about this and figure out why they had lied. If not, tell the shooter to be more careful and when in a situation that accidentally shooting a marine would be reasonable be the only time that a weapon is either drawn or off safety.
c) Explain that's not a valid reason to do such a thing and that there is generally no real reason to do such. Warn unless previous offences have occurred.

A mentor gets very angry at you that you are stealing their job, even becoming passive aggressive. What do you do?

I'd apologise to the Mentor and promise the next time something as such comes up, I'll send them a message asking for them to come help a new player/a player that is confused about something.

Would you bwoink him for having a rifle?

I would not, personally. I would warn them each time about it. However if they seem to be purposely obtaining the equipment, I will give them a formal warming before following repeat offence escalation.

What if said player already has a history of such behavior?

If possible, I'd get a count of how many times the situation has happened before. If the count his relatively high, give the player a formal warning and begin following repeat offence escalation from a first formal warning, then a temporary ban and so on. If a low count, provide another warning and explain as I did in the answer to the scenario.

The offended person tells you in PMs that he's uncomfortable of stepping out against multiple people like that, what would you do?

I would then politely ask if the offended person wishes for me to talk to the other players instead. If yes, I would explain the situation to the other players. If no, I would politely ask that the offended person avoid those specific people if possible, at least if those racist comments begin again.

Would you document this in any way?

I would probably document it. Keeping it in mind like most things I would here. I'd treat it like a normal offence. If it is done many times, ask the player for their ckey and attach that to however I document it. If the same user does it continuously, give them a formal warning that they are disrupting play for Xenomorphs by taking spots and essentially making it unfair for xXnomorphs by lowering their numbers due to the user essentially committing suicide for no reason.

The player demands to know what rule he is breaking, what do you tell him?

I'd say it's Rule 1. As it could be disrupting play of other Xeno players. If he refused, I would give a warning. However it'd be a warning not part of the repeat offence escalation.

The player gets somewhat angry, but still remains respectful, demanding to know the rule being broken. What would you respond with?

I respond respectfully and inform them that the rule being broken would be rule 2. Using out of character information in character.

Would you document this in any way?

As with the Larva answer above. I would keep it documented. If the player repeats this, I'd suggest to them that if they know they frequently disconnect, either intentionally or accidentally, to not play somewhat vital roles. If they refuse. I would give a formal warning. Going through with the normal repeat offence escalation, however with a job ban instead (if possible).

Thanks for taking the time to read this, by the way.

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Re: [Kyasuta] - Administrator Application

Postby Kyasuta » Thu Apr 04, 2019 9:46 pm #488148

You always bwoink (admin private message) people before warning them or applying a note, it's how you talk with the person involved. Assuming you do decide to initiate the conversation, which rule would you use to back up your decision?

I use Rule 3 to backup the decision.

Would you do anything with the offenders in this case?

I would notify each offender in this case and advise that the racism, while minor, is breaking Rule 1. As even if IC, it is still offensive to players.

Isn't there a better rule to quote in this specific instance?

I'd say possibly Rule 3. Under Precedent 3 specifically.

He quotes you this part of said rule: "Characters are otherwise allowed to know everything about ingame mechanics or antagonists"
What do you tell him?

I would inform them that while he may be allowed to know what Xeno's are, they are not allowed to refer to them as being there. Since they are responding to a generic distress signal and not being given specific information about the type of incident that caused the distress signal aside from the kind of place that it is (the place being a station or an ice colony.)

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Re: [Kyasuta] - Administrator Application

Postby Kyasuta » Sat Apr 06, 2019 5:27 am #488390

If the xenos will always be there (comparable to if /tg/ always ran the nukeop gamemode), is it metagaming to say a fact? Doesn't perfect knowledge of game mechanics and antagonists apply here?

As I gave my reasoning before, that's how I think of this situation, that while they could perfectly know what a Xeno is and what they do down to their breathing I do not believe they would know exactly where the Xenos would be at all times. Even if a distress beacon is sent out, it wouldn't always mean Xenos as it could mean a multitude of things.

Of course if that's how I'm not meant to see it that's fine and I can adapt to that, but that's what I had interpreted myself.

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