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Leite_Qualhado - Mentor Application

PostPosted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 12:53 am
by Leite_Qualhado
What is your Discord ID (please include the full name and number)? Leite_Qualhado#8941

What is your ckey? Leite_Qualhado

Have you been permabanned from any servers? If so, which server(s)? Citadel station (back when i fist started to play ss13 and yea i just went there to grief)

Have you been banned from any servers in the last six months? If so, which server(s)? Nope

What timezone do you play in? (UTC-03:00; Brasília Time zone)

How long have you played on a CM-code server for? On CM for like 2 months on TGM i don't even remenber but back then the TG code port hasen't been made it was a realy raw version of the project mostlikely since from the begining or almost begining

What role would you say you are best at? Engineer and medic

Any other info?I won't be able to keep a constant presense on the server since i have some stuff Irl and im not aways able to play

Re: Leite_Qualhado - Mentor Application

PostPosted: Mon Oct 14, 2019 12:47 am
by Henriquekill9576
AIIA being lazy as always smh :revolver:

Re: Leite_Qualhado - Mentor Application

PostPosted: Mon Nov 04, 2019 2:31 am
This should've been accepted ages ago which is my bad.