The Secford Prison Experiment

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The Secford Prison Experiment

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The Stanford Prison Experiment was a pivotal moment for
modern psychological research as we know it. For those unfamiliar: the SPE was
a role-play and social simulation conducted by Stanford University. Role-play,
and simulation… Keep this in mind going forward. A group of people were set
(rolled, queued up, if you will) to be the guards or “officers.” Another group
of people were selected to be the prisoners. These volunteer prisoners
were strip searched, given unique identities, uncomfortable prison clothing,
and ankle cuffs. The guards were given mirror sunglasses and wooden batons. This
was all intentional – the sunglasses blocked eye contact and created a sense of
anonymity, combined with the batons to symbolize some higher status. The guards’
instructions were simple – to maintain law and order. But what started as
simple became intense psychological warfare between the guards and prisoners. When
the guards woke up the prisoners with whistles at 3am for their meals, the
prisoners started to insult them. The guards punished them by separating them
into various prison cells, some without beds. The prisoners rioted and guards
used fire extinguishers to dissuade rebellion. In the end it led to some prisoners
breaking down completely psychologically and having to be completely removed
from the experiment. The guards slowly became more and more brutal as the
experiment went on, and the situation quickly flew out of control, forcing lead
scientist Zimbardo to cut the experiment short after the 6th day.
Everyone was left asking: what the hell just happened? The pool of people was
random. The officers were not, in everyday life, power-hungry, abusive
assholes. They transformed and became them due to the environmental conditions they
were placed in.

So, why am I giving a botched account of the Stanford
Prison Experiment? In this essay I will attempt to show that the SPE can help
us better understand security-assistant relations. How and why did “shitsec”
originate? Why are they not good faith officers there to make sure things go smoothly?
Why are assistants “shitters” and not, well, assistants? Why did things
evolve the way they did, and how? I will analyze the following three themes as
they relate to SS13 to help us answer these burning questions: 1) status and
power, 2) the aggressor and the victim, and 3) nihilism. Hopefully this analysis
will explain why sec becomes shitsec, from a psychological perspective, and why
assistants become shitters.

1. Status and power. Being a shiftstart security officer puts
you in a certain roleplaying role that means two concrete things: 1) you cannot
be an antagonist, and 2) you start the shift with some of the best weapons in
the game, with a team of others sharing these weapons. The first is the aspect
of “status,” and the second is the aspect of “power.” In a paranoia-laden space
station, you can’t fully trust anyone. Anyone could be an antagonist,
and you could be their target. However, if you sign up as a security officer, you
are in the unique position where you can be trusted to not be an
antagonist (barring lings and well-disguised traitors). What’s most important
about this is it means that, as an officer, you can only give your full
trust to other security officers. You are a team, and you have to stick
together, because you are the only ones confirmed to be good. But how does this
corrupt, why does it corrupt? It corrupts like all manifestations of power and
status corrupt. Those in the position of power let it get to their heads. “We’re
the chosen few who are here to ensure to safety of this place, we
have all the weapons and all the authority. And it’s our job to use it.”
Inevitably, those who do not have this “special” privileged status, the red
clothes, the shades, the free baton – grow resentful of those who do. Under all
that gear, they’re not different from anyone else, after all, so what right do
they have controlling everything? We see this tension play itself out in
countless ways every single round of the game. A battle of status and power. I’m
going to slip a security officer and take his baton. Why? Because I’m going to
show him his baton doesn’t make him powerful. I can overpower him with my bare
hands!" And the security officer, in turn, will claim he has all the
power. He’s going to beat you half to death for trying to shit on him, so you’ll
remember who has the power around here. It’s a battle of power and

2. The aggressor and the victim. We’ve already been
hinting at it a little bit, but this is perhaps the most complex part of the dynamic
and ought to be addressed separately. Is it the tiders that make shitsec, or
the shitsec that make the tiders?
Are the assistants retaliating to
an abuse in power, or are the officers only exerting their power to control and
maintain order? We should represent both sides of the story here, fairly, in
the best-faith scenarios for both the officer and the assistant. We will
now step into the mind of the good-faith assistant player, and into the
mind of the good-faith security player, to understand their psychology. Assistant:
“I’m just trying to have a fun shift. I’m just trying to do a fun little
gimmick with my friends and create a little action. And here comes shitsec, likely
bored out of their minds, here to ruin my fun because they don’t have anything
better to do. They’ll sell it under the guise of ‘maintaining order,’ sure, but
they’re really just being tyrannical megalomaniacs trying to stifle what’s otherwise
harmless fun. What pisses me off is they do it every time, every single
shift - they exist solely to take away from my fun. I’m not even an antag, and
I was causing no harm and posing no threat. So you know what, fuck sec.
They shouldn’t be security if they’re going to be shit. So why not take
their baton? Why not fuck with them? Why not give them a taste of
their own medicine? If they’re going to make a round out of fucking me over, I’ll
make a round out of fucking them over, too.” Security: “I’m just here
trying to have a fun shift too. I want to keep this place operational and safe,
but these motherfucking assistants keep slipping me and shoving me while I’m
trying to do my job. They don’t even have the context, they just shove me
because I’m security. I’m just trying to do my job, how is that fair? The
entire round I just get stunlocked on a wall, my shoes stolen, my baton stolen,
my disabler stolen, and I waddle back to brig like a little incompetent baby
for replacements from the warden. I’m supposed to be enforcing the law,
not being a punching bag for whatever little assistant wants free goods. So yeah,
I’ll harmbaton them, I’ll give them 7 minutes for a shove, I’ll confiscate
their insuls and toolbelt. Otherwise they’ll just walk all over us.”

Both of these perspectives are completely understandable and justified. The
aggressor and the victim. Both sides feel like the victim. But what
happens after tens of thousands of shifts of this same dynamic playing out, is
it no longer becomes about one person’s individual experience. It becomes the
culture. Once it becomes the culture, who is the aggressor and who is the
victim is irrelevant – it’s no longer about one assistant versus one security
officer, it’s about the archetypal battle between security and the tide. A
battle which is deeply entrenched in the culture. Some rounds, this may manifest
to be mild. Other rounds, a non-antag revolution takes place and sec is
completely overthrown. And we should keep in mind that these two perspectives,
that of the officer and that of the assistant, were examples of two people who
both just wanted to have a fun shift. Not unlike the SPE, where
both groups of people just wanted to roleplay as their role in good faith, and
for things to go well.

3. Nihilism. After this us vs. them dynamic has been
entrenched into the culture, the actions of any one individual are greatly
diminished. You can be the world’s holiest security officer, and still get shit
on for existing. You can be the nicest, most helpful assistant in the station,
and still get brigged for no reason for existing. What happens now is people
give up hope of being good faith. They might say it makes no difference either
way, right? Once this sentiment anchors itself, the effort to be good is then
thrown out the can, and with that, any hope of relations being repaired. But if
we’re being honest, there was no hope of relations being repaired anyway once
the dynamic became entrenched in the culture. Examples of the consequential
nihilistic outlook manifest in both security and assistant players. Extremely
experienced and jaded security officers will be serial shitsec, staying within
the rules, but shitsec nonetheless, because they have abandoned any hope of trying
to be goodsec. They’re treated the same anyway, so who can blame them? And it
is the rare assistant that will dedicate their round to assisting,
because they, too, have abandoned hope of being good in a place where they are
treated so poorly. It is also worth noting that your actions as security and
assistant alike reflect on the whole of security and assistants. It is quite
common for sec to be called shitsec because of the wrong actions of a single
bad officer, thus cursing the whole department with the label. And it is also
quite common for sec to abuse their power on undeserving assistants, because of
some other assistant’s acts against security.

The conclusion we must reach is that it is not necessarily sec who is shit, or
assistants who are shitters; but a good player cast into what is an imbalanced
and hostile environment, will acclimate to the environment accordingly. That is
not to free all players of their responsibility to play in a way that is fun
for everybody. Similarly, although the murderer may only be a murderer because
of the environment he was raised in, he is still responsible for his actions. I
also should point out some flaws in this comparison. It goes without saying
that, although the SEP was roleplay and a simulation, it was not a “game.” SS13
is a game, and everyone plays it for enjoyment. Indeed, many players play LRP solely
to enjoy this internal dynamic of sec vs the tide, because this conflict and
chaos is fun for them. If it were even possible in theory to amend
sec-assistant relations via policy, or codebase changes, I would say it would
be to the overall detriment of the LRP landscape. It certainly has its
miserable components about it, and people can have absolutely terrible shifts
(I’ve seen both long-time sec players and long-time assistant players quit the
game entirely due to some particularly bad ones), but at the end of the day it
is part of the tradeoff for the freedom we enjoy on LRP. I would encourage
anyone who finds themselves on the receiving end of this inter-departmental
conflict, of either one side or the other, to take a step back and realize that
it was fated to happen this way. It is something of a necessary evil to enjoy
the fun of freedom overall. Everyone is simply doing what the chain of events
led them to do – what they were destined to do long before you showed up in
their round - through some unknown series of events, and through some unknown

In conclusion, the tension between guards and prisoners
in the roleplaying simulation of the Stanford Prison Experiment mimics very
well the tension between security and assistants in the roleplaying game of
SS13. The status and power differential leads to both sides being framed in a victim
vs. aggressor narrative, and the continued repetition of this interplay creates
a systemic cultural shift that persists through all SS13 rounds. This leads
some players to a nihilistic outlook, but it also allows for a great amount of conflict
and fun that can be enjoyed by everyone. Perhaps this piece will inspire a
greater sense of empathy for each other, whether you wear red or grey.
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Re: The Secford Prison Experiment

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holy shit ur psychotic
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Re: The Secford Prison Experiment

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Don't care didn't ask
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Re: The Secford Prison Experiment

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I ain't reading all that.

I'm happy for u tho.

Or sorry that happened.
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Re: The Secford Prison Experiment

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Holy shit new pasta just dropped.
May the lord forgive me for what I must do.
The stanfowd pwison expewiment was a pivotaw moment fow
modewn psychowogicaw weseawch as we know iwt. Fow those unfamiwiaw: the spe was
a wowe-pway awnd sociaw simuwation conducted by stanfowd univewsity. Wowe-pway,
awnd simuwation… keep thiws in mind going fowwawd. A gwoup of peopwe wewe set
(wowwed, queued up, if uwu wiww) tuwu be the guawds ow “officews.” anothew gwoup
of peopwe wewe sewected tuwu be the pwisonews. These vowunteew pwisonews
wewe stwip seawched, given unique identities, uncomfowtabwe pwison cwothing,
awnd ankwe cuffs. The guawds wewe given miwwow sungwasses awnd wooden batons. Thiws
was aww intentionaw – the sungwasses bwocked eye contact awnd cweated a sense of
anonymity, combined with the batons tuwu symbowize sowme highew status. The guawds’
instwuctions wewe simpwe – tuwu maintain waw awnd owdew. But whawt stawted as
simpwe became intense psychowogicaw wawfawe between the guawds awnd pwisonews. Whewn
the guawds woke up the pwisonews with whistwes at 3am fow theiw meaws, the
pwisonews stawted tuwu insuwt thewm. The guawds punished thewm by sepawating thewm
intwo vawious pwison cewws, sowme without beds. The pwisonews wioted awnd guawds
used fiwe extinguishews tuwu dissuade webewwion. In the end iwt wed tuwu sowme pwisonews
bweaking down compwetewy psychowogicawwy awnd having tuwu be compwetewy wemoved
fwom the expewiment. The guawds swowwy became mowe awnd mowe bwutaw as the
expewiment went own, awnd the situation quickwy fwew out of contwow, fowcing wead
scientist zimbawdo tuwu cut the expewiment showt aftew the 6th day.
evewyone was weft asking: whawt the heww juwst happened? the poow of peopwe was
wandom. The officews wewe nowt, in evewyday wife, powew-hungwy, abusive
asshowes. They twansfowmed awnd became thewm due tuwu the enviwonmentaw conditions they
wewe pwaced in.

so, why am i giving a botched account of the stanfowd
pwison expewiment? in thiws essay i wiww attempt tuwu show thawt the spe cawn hewp
us bettew undewstand secuwity-assistant wewations. How awnd why did “shitsec”
owiginate? why awe they nowt good faith officews thewe tuwu make suwe things gow smoothwy?
why awe assistants “shittews” awnd nowt, weww, assistants? why did things
evowve the way they did, awnd how? i wiww anawyze the fowwowing thwee themes as
they wewate tuwu ss13 tuwu hewp us answew these buwning questions: 1) status awnd
powew, 2) the aggwessow awnd the victim, awnd 3) nihiwism. Hopefuwwy thiws anawysis
wiww expwain why sec becomes shitsec, fwom a psychowogicaw pewspective, awnd why
assistants become shittews.

1. Status awnd powew. Being a shiftstawt secuwity officew puts
uwu in a cewtain wowepwaying wowe thawt means two concwete things: 1) uwu cannot
be an antagonist, awnd 2) uwu stawt the shift with sowme of the best weapons in
the gawme, with a team of othews shawing these weapons. The fiwst iws the aspect
of “status,” awnd the second iws the aspect of “powew.” in a pawanoia-waden space
station, uwu can’t fuwwy twust anyone. Anyone couwd be an antagonist,
awnd uwu couwd be theiw tawget. Howevew, if uwu sign up as a secuwity officew, uwu
awe in the unique position whewe uwu cawn be twusted tuwu nowt be an
antagonist (bawwing wings awnd weww-disguised twaitows). What’s most impowtant
abouwt thiws iws iwt means thawt, as an officew, uwu cawn onwy give youw fuww
twust tuwu othew secuwity officews. Uwu awe a team, awnd uwu have tuwu stick
togethew, because uwu awe the onwy ones confiwmed tuwu be good. But how does thiws
cowwupt, why does iwt cowwupt? iwt cowwupts wike aww manifestations of powew awnd
status cowwupt. Those in the position of powew wet iwt get tuwu theiw heads. “we’we
the chosen few who awe hewe tuwu ensuwe tuwu safety of thiws pwace, we
have aww the weapons awnd aww the authowity. Awnd it’s ouw job tuwu use iwt.”
inevitabwy, those who duwu nowt have thiws “speciaw” pwiviweged status, the wed
cwothes, the shades, the fwee baton – gwow wesentfuw of those who duwu. Undew aww
thawt geaw, they’we nowt diffewent fwom anyone ewse, aftew aww, so whawt wight duwu
they have contwowwing evewything? we see thiws tension pway itsewf out in
countwess ways evewy singwe wound of the gawme. A battwe of status awnd powew. I’m
going tuwu swip a secuwity officew awnd take hiws baton. Why? because i’m going tuwu
show him hiws baton doesn’t make him powewfuw. I cawn ovewpowew him with my bawe
hands!" awnd the secuwity officew, in tuwn, wiww cwaim he has aww the
powew. He’s going tuwu beat uwu hawf tuwu death fow twying tuwu shit own him, so you’ww
wemembew who has the powew awound hewe. It’s a battwe of powew awnd

2. The aggwessow awnd the victim. We’ve awweady bewn
hinting at iwt a wittwe bit, but thiws iws pewhaps the most compwex pawt of the dynamic
awnd ought tuwu be addwessed sepawatewy. Iws iwt the tidews thawt make shitsec, ow
the shitsec thawt make the tidews? awe the assistants wetawiating tuwu
an abuse in powew, ow awe the officews onwy exewting theiw powew tuwu contwow awnd
maintain owdew? we shouwd wepwesent both sides of the stowy hewe, faiwwy, in
the best-faith scenawios fow both the officew awnd the assistant. We wiww
now step intwo the mind of the good-faith assistant pwayew, awnd intwo the
mind of the good-faith secuwity pwayew, tuwu undewstand theiw psychowogy. Assistant:
“i’m juwst twying tuwu have a fun shift. I’m juwst twying tuwu duwu a fun wittwe
gimmick with my fwiends awnd cweate a wittwe action. Awnd hewe cowmes shitsec, wikewy
bowed out of theiw minds, hewe tuwu wuin my fun because they don’t have anything
bettew tuwu duwu. They’ww seww iwt undew the guise of ‘maintaining owdew,’ suwe, but
they’we weawwy juwst being tywannicaw megawomaniacs twying tuwu stifwe what’s othewwise
hawmwess fun. Whawt pisses me off iws they duwu iwt evewy time, evewy singwe
shift - they exist sowewy tuwu take away fwom my fun. I’m nowt even an antag, awnd
i was causing no hawm awnd posing no thweat. So uwu know whawt, fuck sec.
they shouwdn’t be secuwity if they’we going tuwu be shit. So why nowt take
theiw baton? why nowt fuck with thewm? why nowt give thewm a taste of
theiw own medicine? if they’we going tuwu make a wound out of fucking me ovew, i’ww
make a wound out of fucking thewm ovew, too.” secuwity: “i’m juwst hewe
twying tuwu have a fun shift too. I wawnt tuwu keep thiws pwace opewationaw awnd safe,
but these mothewfucking assistants keep swipping me awnd shoving me whiwe i’m
twying tuwu duwu my job. They don’t even have the context, they juwst shove me
because i’m secuwity. I’m juwst twying tuwu duwu my job, how iws thawt faiw? the
entiwe wound i juwst get stunwocked own a waww, my shoes stowen, my baton stowen,
my disabwew stowen, awnd i waddwe bawck tuwu bwig wike a wittwe incompetent baby
fow wepwacements fwom the wawden. I’m supposed tuwu be enfowcing the waw,
nowt being a punching bag fow whatevew wittwe assistant wants fwee goods. So yeah,
i’ww hawmbaton thewm, i’ww give thewm 7 minutes fow a shove, i’ww confiscate
theiw insuws awnd toowbewt. Othewwise they’ww juwst wawk aww ovew us.”

both of these pewspectives awe compwetewy undewstandabwe awnd justified. The
aggwessow awnd the victim. Both sides feew wike the victim. But whawt
happens aftew tens of thousands of shifts of thiws same dynamic pwaying out, iws
iwt no wongew becomes abouwt owne pewson’s individuaw expewience. Iwt becomes the
cuwtuwe. Once iwt becomes the cuwtuwe, who iws the aggwessow awnd who iws the
victim iws iwwewevant – it’s no wongew abouwt owne assistant vewsus owne secuwity
officew, it’s abouwt the awchetypaw battwe between secuwity awnd the tide. A
battwe which iws deepwy entwenched in the cuwtuwe. Sowme wounds, thiws may manifest
tuwu be miwd. Othew wounds, a non-antag wevowution takes pwace awnd sec iws
compwetewy ovewthwown. Awnd we shouwd keep in mind thawt these two pewspectives,
thawt of the officew awnd thawt of the assistant, wewe exampwes of two peopwe who
both juwst wanted tuwu have a fun shift. Nowt unwike the spe, whewe
both gwoups of peopwe juwst wanted tuwu wowepway as theiw wowe in good faith, awnd
fow things tuwu gow weww.

3. Nihiwism. Aftew thiws us vs. thewm dynamic has bewn
entwenched intwo the cuwtuwe, the actions of any owne individuaw awe gweatwy
diminished. Uwu cawn be the wowwd’s howiest secuwity officew, awnd stiww get shit
own fow existing. Uwu cawn be the nicest, most hewpfuw assistant in the station,
awnd stiww get bwigged fow no weason fow existing. Whawt happens now iws peopwe
give up hope of being good faith. They might say iwt makes no diffewence eithew
way, wight? once thiws sentiment anchows itsewf, the effowt tuwu be good iws then
thwown out the cawn, awnd with thawt, any hope of wewations being wepaiwed. But if
we’we being honest, thewe was no hope of wewations being wepaiwed anyway once
the dynamic became entwenched in the cuwtuwe. Exampwes of the consequentiaw
nihiwistic outwook manifest in both secuwity awnd assistant pwayews. Extwemewy
expewienced awnd jaded secuwity officews wiww be sewiaw shitsec, staying within
the wuwes, but shitsec nonethewess, because they have abandoned any hope of twying
tuwu be goodsec. They’we tweated the same anyway, so who cawn bwame thewm? awnd iwt
iws the wawe assistant thawt wiww dedicate theiw wound tuwu assisting,
because they, too, have abandoned hope of being good in a pwace whewe they awe
tweated so poowwy. Iwt iws awso wowth noting thawt youw actions as secuwity awnd
assistant awike wefwect own the whowe of secuwity awnd assistants. Iwt iws quite
common fow sec tuwu be cawwed shitsec because of the wwong actions of a singwe
bad officew, thus cuwsing the whowe depawtment with the wabew. Awnd iwt iws awso
quite common fow sec tuwu abuse theiw powew own undesewving assistants, because of
sowme othew assistant’s acts against secuwity.

the concwusion we must weach iws thawt iwt iws nowt necessawiwy sec who iws shit, ow
assistants who awe shittews; but a good pwayew cast intwo whawt iws an imbawanced
awnd hostiwe enviwonment, wiww accwimate tuwu the enviwonment accowdingwy. Thawt iws
nowt tuwu fwee aww pwayews of theiw wesponsibiwity tuwu pway in a way thawt iws fun
fow evewybody. Simiwawwy, awthough the muwdewew may onwy be a muwdewew because
of the enviwonment he was waised in, he iws stiww wesponsibwe fow hiws actions. I
awso shouwd point out sowme fwaws in thiws compawison. Iwt goes without saying
thawt, awthough the sep was wowepway awnd a simuwation, iwt was nowt a “game.” ss13
iws a gawme, awnd evewyone pways iwt fow enjoyment. Indeed, many pwayews pway wwp sowewy
tuwu enjoy thiws intewnaw dynamic of sec vs the tide, because thiws confwict awnd
chaos iws fun fow thewm. If iwt wewe even possibwe in theowy tuwu amend
sec-assistant wewations via powicy, ow codebase changes, i wouwd say iwt wouwd
be tuwu the ovewaww detwiment of the wwp wandscape. Iwt cewtainwy has its
misewabwe components abouwt iwt, awnd peopwe cawn have absowutewy tewwibwe shifts
(i’ve seen both wong-time sec pwayews awnd wong-time assistant pwayews quit the
gawme entiwewy due tuwu sowme pawticuwawwy bad ones), but at the end of the day iwt
iws pawt of the twadeoff fow the fweedom we enjoy own wwp. I wouwd encouwage
anyone who finds themsewves own the weceiving end of thiws intew-depawtmentaw
confwict, of eithew owne side ow the othew, tuwu take a step bawck awnd weawize thawt
iwt was fated tuwu happen thiws way. Iwt iws something of a necessawy eviw tuwu enjoy
the fun of fweedom ovewaww. Evewyone iws simpwy doing whawt the chain of events
wed thewm tuwu duwu – whawt they wewe destined tuwu duwu wong befowe uwu showed up in
theiw wound - thwough sowme unknown sewies of events, awnd thwough sowme unknown

in concwusion, the tension between guawds awnd pwisonews
in the wowepwaying simuwation of the stanfowd pwison expewiment mimics vewy
weww the tension between secuwity awnd assistants in the wowepwaying gawme of
ss13. The status awnd powew diffewentiaw weads tuwu both sides being fwamed in a victim
vs. aggwessow nawwative, awnd the continued wepetition of thiws intewpway cweates
a systemic cuwtuwaw shift thawt pewsists thwough aww ss13 wounds. Thiws weads
sowme pwayews tuwu a nihiwistic outwook, but iwt awso awwows fow a gweat amount of confwict
awnd fun thawt cawn be enjoyed by evewyone. Pewhaps thiws piece wiww inspiwe a
gweatew sense of empathy fow each othew, whethew uwu weaw wed ow gwey.
PS I read like half of it and it''s a pretty good essay though you need to include citations in APA 7th next time.
iamgoofball wrote:Vekter and MrMelbert are more likely to enforce the roleplay rules Manuel is supposed to be abiding by than Wesoda or Jackraxxus are.
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Re: The Secford Prison Experiment

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Also why on Earth did you format this with so many mid-sentence line breaks?
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Re: The Secford Prison Experiment

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Re: The Secford Prison Experiment

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the stanford prison experiment and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race
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Re: The Secford Prison Experiment

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anyway i won the bet and now chloe has to play catgirl for 1 month so i'd say this was a dub
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Re: The Secford Prison Experiment

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my admin feedback thread

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Re: The Secford Prison Experiment

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the hand-alligned txt file
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Re: The Secford Prison Experiment

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Solid essay that outlines facts and goes into in-depth speculation, but there isn't really other than "maybe be more empathetic." Passive and informative, but ultimately unmotivational.
B+ [Good effort!]
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Re: The Secford Prison Experiment

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lol nerd
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Re: The Secford Prison Experiment

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cacogen wrote: Sat Jan 08, 2022 11:20 am the stanford prison experiment and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race
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Re: The Secford Prison Experiment

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Atlanta-Ned wrote: Fri Jan 21, 2022 1:28 am
cacogen wrote: Sat Jan 08, 2022 11:20 am the stanford prison experiment and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race
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Re: The Secford Prison Experiment

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whatever this shit's boring who cares
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Re: The Secford Prison Experiment

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stairmaster wrote: Fri Jan 21, 2022 4:07 am whatever this shit's boring who cares
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Re: The Secford Prison Experiment

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it was a bad study zimbardo was a hack read a book poppsych retards
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Re: The Secford Prison Experiment

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Fava beans?
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Re: The Secford Prison Experiment

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mmm and a nice chianti
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