An Open Letter Regarding a Man Of Many Names

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An Open Letter Regarding a Man Of Many Names

Post by san7890 » #624992

Please, take a look at

There once was a person named Assblastoman, who got banned (and appealed) right here: viewtopic.php?t=30093

For some reason, after this point, they will not stop ban evading for other miscellaneous reasons. In fact, the most recent entry into publicbans reads:

Ban evasion of assblastoman/Halo2CompleteSoundTrack/segagenesis32x/rustedmachinery/084pe2ktbe/96d0moypr0/kx2hh1eluq/pbccxegtqy/jflow/volopt/anabakan/electrosphere.

When will they stop? Do they just intend to fill up tgdb with horrible account names? Wuh?
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Re: An Open Letter Regarding a Man Of Many Names

Post by Mothblocks » #624995

Most of the names you see with just ""ban evasion" are him, by the way. At this point it doesn't provide any reasonable info, it just makes me laugh to keep making that list.
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Re: An Open Letter Regarding a Man Of Many Names

Post by Timonk » #625082

It's like a daily routine
Wash hands ✔️
Eat 3 meals ✔️
Ban assblastoman from the server ✔️
Do some laundry ✔️
joooks wrote:
Naloac wrote:
In short, this appeal is denied. Suck my nuts retard.
Quoting a legend, at least im not a faggot lol
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Agux909 wrote:
Timonk wrote:This is why we make fun of Manuel
Woah bravo there sir, post of the month you saved the thread. I feel overwhelmed by the echo of unlimited wisdom and usefulness sprouting from you post. Every Manuel player now feels embarrased to exist because of your much NEEDED wise words, you sure teached'em all, you genius, IQ lord.

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