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Postby John_Oxford » Sun May 13, 2018 3:13 am #409713

Footsteps are now added, every set of shoes has a different sound value

0 are admin spawnable shoes
0.2 are ninja shoes
0.4 are combat shoes
0.7 are socks (no shoes) no shoes has a value of 0.2 when on metal surfaces and walking
1 is any pair of normal sneakers
1.2 is tacticool boots
1.4 is combat boots
1.6 is security jackboots
1.8 are clown shoes
2 are hk-prototype clown shoes

Cleets are now added, you slip every time you wear them on metal surfaces (the station) . Wearing them on lavaland prevents slipping in its entirety and makes you run slightly faster.

Boots will sync in sounds when multiple people are wearing the same type. (three security officers walking in viewing distance sounds like marching in the median tile between them all)
(three security officers running sounds like heavy GIT FUKKED footsteps)

foot steps can be turned off if they are annoying, which puts you at a tactical disadvantage but if your that anal about meaningless sounds you dont need to be tactical. other people can still hear your footsteps.

you can take the shoe laces off a shoe and strangle someone with it. (same way you strangle someone normally just a lot faster)
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TechnoAlchemist wrote:you where always right john, you where always right

>implying the admin conspiracy wasen't just confirmed by a admin.
see, i told you motherfuckers.

NikNakFlak wrote:this isn't a game you can't just post whenever you want

I don't even know what the fuck tg is.



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Re: Footwear

Postby The Clowns Pocket » Sun May 13, 2018 3:41 am #409714


oh but its too sensible and fun...

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Re: Footwear

Postby EvilJackCarver » Sun May 13, 2018 9:23 pm #409978

Jackboots are a bit louder than "1.6 times sneaker volume"...

Trust me, the volume aspect of them is why I wear them to work instead of the more sensible no-skids everyone else wears.
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