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"Slippery" status effect.

PostPosted: Sun Aug 02, 2020 10:50 pm
by Aeri
I know this is silly, but I had this idea based on the fact that you can drink space lube to absolutely no effect.

What if clowns could drink lube to gain the "Slippery" status effect (Similar duration to drunkenness, only you need to drink a lot of it given how easy space lube is to produce, the specifics are open to tweaking for balance purposes of course)

Pros and cons of the "Slippery" effect are as follows:

- Significant chance of peoples' attempts to grapple/restrain you failing (The Clown is too slippery for you to grab!)
- High chance of handcuffs failing to work on you (The handcuffs slip off of The Clown!)
- If somebody walks over you they slip, different effect from your PDA
- Move extra fast because you're well lubricated, the speed cap is a little faster than normal human running speed, if you're wearing clown shoes you can run at about 90% of that speed, basically allows f a s t c l u w n e without sacrificing your legacy.
- Moderate chance of melee attacks glancing blows against you

- Low chance of occasionally slipping on your own slippery-ness and dropping things (Very brief, you get back up in about half a second or maybe a little longer, mostly just for funny)
- May require a change to how long it takes space lube to metabolize in your system, I don't think it sticks around very long
- You absolutely can't hit anyone in this state, you slip instead of you try

Re: "Slippery" status effect.

PostPosted: Mon Aug 03, 2020 4:17 pm
by Stickymayhem
i could literally kill a station with this incredibly cheap reagent as you've described it