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Ideas for Mediborgs

Postby panvxv » Mon Aug 03, 2020 11:04 am #571292

-upgrade board that gives alien surgery tools (of course engiborg would have his own alien tools), you need unlocked it in Destructive Analyzer via inserting alien tools.
-upgrade board that enables the simultaneous treatment of multiply patients (tending more then one person at the time, or doing one step of surgery on all limbs).
-upgrade board that enables locking to you medibot, it would works like that:
Drag medibot->click button on hud->medibot is now part of you, mediborg and medbot have same health pool but you are not able to drag bots (or anything except rolling bed), when you have your medibot locked to you, you can access from another button his menu, also clicking the same button for locking medibot will unlock it.

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