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[WILL NEVER HAPPEN] New Gamemode, Syndicate Blast USA

PostPosted: Sat Sep 05, 2020 11:49 pm
by jenqa
A few days ago while gracefully showering this came to my mind:
centcom announces:
"A syndicate station has been located nearby, they are loading a BSA capable of destroying the entire station in a matter of seconds, travel to North of [REDACTED] on space using your station's EVA equipment and attempt to stop the machine(by triggering the cancellation protocol and inserting the code provided by Nanotrasen on all communications consoles). Note that the enemy station is as fully staffed as [REDACTED] and is possibly full defensive mechanisms."
"Secret Intelligence among the enemy station has also informed us that the station is fully surrounded by a modified quantum barrier that should eventually turn off as soon as the BSA starts charging"

So how the fuck would this work?
This should be a highpop gamemode only where half of the station will get staffed in the syndicate station(with the same jobs they wanted on the station, although there shouldn't be a Captain but instead a fancy Syndicate Commander). They should start surrounded in a unbreakable barrier so station-tards couldn't rush it in 2 minutes to win the mode, also if they touch it they vaporize like touching the SM :)
The syndicate crew will have to, during that time, assemble defenses and not let the BSA be disabled by the nanotrasen crew. The big ass syndie modified black-red glorious BSA will be half assembled, with the back already assembled, so they just need to get the required components and materials for the other half of the machine.

ok the normal crew of course will have to get armed to the tooth, there won't be any traitors among the crew, but there might still be lings or anything not syndie related(more on that later). they will receive nanotrasen's aid, which may or may not include a specialized ERT automatically going to spawn in nanotrasen with their gamer gear in case atleast half or more of the nanotrasen crewmembers died already to other antags aboard, on the first 5 minutes they will receive through cargo a bunch of weapons and armor sets obviously, a special handheld device which is the only machine capable of opening the BSA's control panel to access the cancellation protocols, which also is very sensitive to ion so in case whoever is holding it gets ion rifle'd will also kill the machine, only being able to fix it by opening it with screwdriver and replacing all the components with new tier 4 components(manipulator, cell, capacitor and scanning module, which might also delay it's fixing in case nothing of such has been researched yet and there are no points, good luck science!) and also a paper with the sequence of numbers that need to be inserted onto the panel, and if wrong 1 time will warn the entire syndicate station, in case they didn't notice you managed to get inside, the second fail explodes everything :unknownman: :capgun:
feel free to suggest whatever could be invented and added to the crew gear.

Now speaking of the Syndicate...
They should have differente activities, such as:
engineers or any free worker(ahem, assistants?) helping on building all evil syndicate defensive machinery and deathly contraptions to stop the invasion;
doctors who would be like any normal doctors but syndicate;
scientists, who would be one of the most important jobs on this mode, because they'd have access to their very own syndicate research consoles! that means they would be able to research all sorts of syndicate gear(with a certain limit) at the expense of their "syndicate points", this is where those who wanted to pick security but got syndicate will have their spotlight;
security, will now become syndicate commissionaires, and even though they'll be equipped with some of the sweetest weapons any greytider would love to get his yellow hands on, there will also be an important job for them: INFILTRATION! which consists of, after wearing the provided Britch-Thru Syndicate Hardsuit they could pass to the other side of the barrier with no problem, enter the station to try to act like part of the crew(attempting to go on a murderboner will be stupid because that will trigger ERT and YOU DON'T WANT ERT TO SPAWN THAT EARLY, THEY WILL BREAK THE BARRIER AND VORE YOUR VERY OWN SOULS), successefully break into R&D's servers and implant a syndicate trojan into the main servers, this will start generating a small amount of points for the syndie scientists to spend to research syndicate gear. maybe syndicate nanites should be a thing, so you could force people to produce points to the syndicate instead!
miners shall be glorified, equipped with a highly inoffensive but extremely effective proto-kinetic accelerator with a syndicate branded reskin and nearly 1/4 of the regular reload speed(does not support regular pka modules sadly, but it will accept a syndicate dagger which deals more damage than the normal survival knife) ah and i forgot to say, they WILL have to mine on lavaland as well, but they shall arrive there from a completely random landing spot. it's still possible to get the normal gamer mining gear, but why bother when your hardsuit is as strong as a hulk's skin? You are also supposed to avoid crewmembers but in case one finds you the Syndicate advices his termination. after you're done getting your mats you leave in your cozy mining shuttle and hop back to the syndicate to help the cause, {miners should be better than this, i don't know what else to give them but they need to work fast}
heads of staff will have basically the same thing to do, except the HoP which will be at the same tier of the "captain", being both called Syndicate Commanders

after 20 minutes the shield will turn off to start storing stupidly high amounts of power to charge the BSA as soon as it's assembled, it can only be turned on at this point, and yes it will probably take 10 minutes just to assemble the other half due to so research and mining having to get the materials but that will also give them time to research the gamer gear to defend themselves from the station.

please don't compare this to clock cult
it's supposed to be way more advanced than clock cult, it's a completely different station that is rushing against the clock(funny pun) to get the best gear they can and their weapon of mass destruction done, i know it sounds similar but it should have deep mechanics behind most of the jobs, and isn't a syndicate themed gamemode more enjoyable than another cult gamemode?

will probably fix some grammar mistakes tomorrow i just want to sleep, and also add any funny and interesting ideas you might have(balancing is accepted, as long as you don't make it boring to play on either side)

one last thing:
Crew Major Victory!
Disabled the BSA and round is over!
Syndicate Major Victory!
BSA got powered on and destroyed the station
retards broke the machine and everyone died(the machine is very though how did you do this?)
Felinid Major Victory nya~
you placed a station catgirl inside the half that has to be assembled in the BSA, and when shot it will turn everyone into cats!

Re: [WILL NEVER HAPPEN] New Gamemode, Syndicate Blast USA

PostPosted: Sun Sep 06, 2020 12:46 am
by wesoda25
This sounds like a sticky event.

Re: [WILL NEVER HAPPEN] New Gamemode, Syndicate Blast USA

PostPosted: Sun Sep 06, 2020 1:16 am
by Stickymayhem
wesoda25 wrote:This sounds like a sticky event.

Yeah I've done this a few times with the an asteroid version of the syndie lava base I made orbiting the station. It works pretty fun, rather than just prep defenses, I have the syndies sneak on to the station with basic gear and do progressively bigger and bigger acts of sabotage to gain TC and better equipment.

The rounds tend to naturally result in a station assault on the syndie asteroid base.

Re: [WILL NEVER HAPPEN] New Gamemode, Syndicate Blast USA

PostPosted: Sun Sep 06, 2020 11:45 am
by jenqa
This gamemode should have more in depth mechanics tho, but thank god someone has done something similar so people have an idea on how it should be played. Most of the machines would get their own syndicate version to make things funnier.