Give large explosions a Knockdown and slowdown range for immersion

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Give large explosions a Knockdown and slowdown range for immersion

Postby SkeletalElite » Mon Sep 28, 2020 4:21 am #577498

I think this will make large explosions feel more impactful across the station without doing much.
Like a significant area around the bomb detonation will experience a very short knockdown (1-3 seconds) and have nearby loose items thrown around but otherwise no damage.

The slowdown range will cause slight slowdown (1-3 seconds). I think it would pair nicely with the sounds of the hull shaking that you can hear across the station when a bomb goes off.
It would make it feel kind of like the bridge in star trek when the ship gets hit and starts shaking.

This isn't really a significant balance change but makes bombs more immersive. I was thinking maybe a max cap would have a knockdown range of 30-40 and a slowdown range high enough that it can be felt pretty much anywhere in the station as long as the bomb is on station.

Being in one of these ranges could give you a very slight negative moodlet with flavor text "that can't be good..."

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