Ayy Lmao Xcom Lavaland Base (Ghost Ruin)

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Ayy Lmao Xcom Lavaland Base (Ghost Ruin)

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Think that there's something wrong with your miner that just came back or a bunch of silent dudes start coming through suddenly through mining and you're all like (whoah!) then you probably have cause to be concerned.


They may or may not be actual imposters come to infiltrate your society for the wake of a future invasion. Sounds incredibly stupid? maybe, but its a real threat.

Some context, a long long time ago the advanced Ayy Lmao civilisation during the great Ayy Macarena Wars (Macarena Centauri is their home-star system) established this base upon lavaland as a research outpost to analyse & weaponise the life forms native to lavaland and also their own genetically engineered contribution of xenomorphs upon the local wildlife. Due to a solar flare, both the xenos & the ayys retreated into statis, and have recently been awoken by the interference the space station is having on the planet about millennia later.

Nanotren knows about this from top secret observations of the planet prior, but only releases the information about the abductors to top line officials that need to know.

Nice lore, So where does gameplay come into this?

Well basically it runs very much like a average ayy round, you scan people and put organs into them, however the critical difference here is that you're not actually abducting people, as much as stealing their dna remotely, growing them slowly in tanks & then conducting experiments on their ckeyless person.

- Why not use monkeys? Stealing their DNA as to perfectly mimic their body, regular abductor teams crudely disguise, but the base scientists literally subvert bodies.

> Cortex transferral machine - When the scientists have found a topically appropriate candidate such as a dead and destroyed captain (nothing to do with them they swear) they can clone them up, put forward a substitute with a ckey and via standing on two pads, instantly switch mind, your former spare scientist is NOW the captain.

- Sentience potioned animals also work for this process, just as long as they have a ckey.

- The cortex machine also works like a prison tracker in which it puts a ayy tracking device (if its a humanoid body) which is destroyed when it is removed that reports data to the scientist console (binary, location etcc) and can be used to contact them secretly given that ayys normally can't speak so can't conduct long range comms.

Organ implants here would have more topical uses rather than the implied negative effects, there ARE still negative effects that might be troublesome for your ayys but some organs actually make the subject stronger and give positive abilities, you can fabricate new organs at the expense of ayy points once you know their effects and use the side effects to your advantage.

> Besides from growing practically any humanoid ckeyable bodies and races you encounter there are a small number of unique alien humanoid races you can spend your ayy points on to create, the cheaper ones are aesthetically different, while the more expensive ones most notably the 'Muton' is a entirely naked alien hulk. The scanning tools reject regrowing these races for safety protocols.

- Besides organs, there is also points for detailing the anatomy of a creature by submitting its corpse piece by piece into a machine for a racial 1 time only payoff, certain races like angel miners pay more points, so there is a degree of rarity status going on. This encourages the player to get accustomed to surgically tinkering with their subjects and helps foster up interest as to just what they can do by switching organs around and such.

Your main purpose for being here is via a currency system of Points gained from studying different humanoid life forms & just whatever, like a more inflated version of the saucer abductor round ayys but with a MUCH wider variety of things to buy and re-invest your points into.

> Organs, items and tools can be bought with ayy points, though much of the convenience tools are cheaper to come by with a abductor saucer for the effort they take.

- Certain sets are specialised, such as buying a ayy specific mining suit & a las-pickaxe just to get out the base for a while, and perhaps do a little surveying for some new life forms for big point boosts (if they don't find you first and kill you)

- You can teleport in more scientists with ayy points. (touching upon kors lavaland russian idea)

> Buying races & swapping bodies as mentioned earlier can help you with tasks, such as mutons punching down rock walls and dealing with difficult opponents in melee.

Ayy's being biology experts, exercise xenobiology with 3 pens all full of subjects behind shields separate from the quarantine for human subjects

> The first pen is empty for keeping whatever you want in there
> The second pen is full of slimes, there will be atleast 1 guranteed grey slime within with a random mix of others (there is a cold slime kill room in the base, though there is no grinder so you must cut the slime cores out manually with the ayy tools your are provided with and a surgery table)
The third pen has a untriggered xenomorph egg, typically because the shield generators are constantly functioning escape will be quite impossible through the unbreakable walls.

- You can wearing your specialist warrior helmet just walk in and destroy it if you want or keep it close for onpurposely breeding xenomorphs for organs via the growth tank method or by physically killing and extracting them, laying your own eggs may be more efficient than relying on a queen, and ayys have access to a tool that lets them pick up facehuggers safely (mostly for the facehugger not being splatted) with tweezers (why can't the current hemostat/surgical tweezers do this?)

- Some organs have the effect of creating lifeforms (without too much spoilers, spiderlings and slimes etc) and the new organs can elaborate on this, but you can use these to your advantage to generate MORE slimes or mobs. You may want to move test subjects that express these side effects of organs into the first pen.

- The obvious inclination of something possibly going HORRIBLY wrong helps self limit these scientists.



All of these come together into a autonomous ghost ruin that goes over the basics of surgery (both ayy and regular surgical experimentation) on top of addressing the abductor round-mode and xenobiology so that they can practice in a fun applicable enviroment rather than be shut in, by taking those skills outside to which they are encouraged (with all the best point earners outside for scanning new species and other ghost role interactions)

This was heavier suggestion than i originally wanted, feedback would be appreciated. :honkman:
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