Lore proposal

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Lore proposal

Postby Supermichael777 » Tue Oct 09, 2018 10:56 pm #444383

Nanotrasen's elite had always known that they were descendants of settlers on a terraformed world, brought there nearly a millennia ago. That world, New Eden, had been settled for around a generation when some terrible error caused every gateway in the network to start wildly connecting to every known destination, including creating two way bridges to worlds with dangerous alien life forms. This calamity, the Gatecrash, nearly brought the people of New Eden to their doom. The subsequent loss of access to the advanced technological fabrication and databases of Earth caused collapse of the global society on New Eden. They had believed the vast majority of newer colonies, many with less advanced manufacturing and far fewer people had been lost to ether the gateway born monsters or the loss of so much technology. Many had, and many had been so reduced to primitivism that they were still stuck with pre-industrial technology. Indeed New Eden held a secret that would come to fuel the rapid reinvention of its society and a energy cartel that included NT. Phoron, sometimes referred to as plasma, provided a naturally dense source of power. This powered the chemical rockets that allowed NT to explore its own system and secure much needed deposits of radioactive metals, but no source for the mysterious Phoron. Then as it seemed its interplanetary dreams were to die in the crib they found something, a destroyed alien craft. Despite the vast majority of the advanced technology being destroyed enough of the crafts drives remained to discover the secrets of moving between arbitrary points with the gateway technology, free from the need to send probes containing them vast distances as their ancestors had done. This new method was far from instant, however it meant that a trip between even distant stars could be completed within a human lifetime. Several members of the cartel distrusted that NT would share its new technology willingly and betrayed them, fleeing deep into the stars with stolen secrets and drives on NTs first colony ships, taking the elites of the nations who sponsored them and thousands of workers with them. NT had become so powerful by this time that the autocracy it was born under felt threatened. They used the thefts as an excuse to try and remove the Executive Officer of NT and run it directly. NT had no tolerance for more treachery. With the support of the major strategic alliance on the world began a coop, and were swiftly victorious as they demonstrated the power of craft that could evade any weapon in flight and troop transports that could not be intercepted. The governments of New Eden recognized NT as a full nation. NTs charter was rewritten and it became the unified space agency of the planet, though independent from any individual and accountable only to the whole. Though officially disarmed and sovereign only within the boarders of the autocracy they once controlled they still had massive power and could now reach into the scientific base of nearly every nation. They swiftly realized that they didn't need to rule the world they just needed to own all the boats.

NT began to explore and reconnect with the lost colonies from the Gatecrash, though it did so slowly. Some were re-uplifted, most were found to have died ether in the gatecrash or within two generations of it. These were the first places NT settled. When NT found Earth 500 years after it was near ruin, though it had survived as a spacefairing world it had been environmentally wrecked. Most of its people had been killed by the near ubiquitous gates and they had only been stopped with electromagnetic strikes. The teraforming equipment used to remediate the planet had been destroyed and 80% of its biosphere had collapsed. However it also possessed an nearly continuous government in the United States Colony Administration project, an attempt to forcibly move people off the planet without separating them from their families, moving them into cylinder style space colonies. These colonies had survived almost unharmed and most were self sufficient, as most had had only a single gate. This administration also dubiously claimed to have the rights to every planet the first wave of colonists went to. NT was more than happy To buy them off these rights, as they wanted access to the massive market represented by these colonies.

It was only when they discovered that some of the descendants of those who had betrayed them had claimed some of theses worlds that they saw another use for th USCA. NT had never truly needed an army or massive amounts of weaponry, but the USCA had an entire navy of admittedly outdated ships and a population of billions. Part of the contract had included the stipulation that the UCMA would help secure NTs rights to these worlds. So they formed the Colonial Marshals to bully the smaller frontier worlds and the USMC to enforce their claims against these small space nations. The UPP and the CLF were both born from this, one as a defensive alliance to stop NT and the other from those souls yearning to run their OWN autocratic dictatorships.

Recently they have discovered that many of the worlds they colonized contained a silent threat. Dormant for centuries, parasitic aliens began destroying NTs colonies and mining sites. Once again the USMC has been called on to fulfill their end of the contract, responding to a distress signal from some far flung shithole.
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Re: Lore proposal

Postby Rohesie » Wed Oct 10, 2018 10:13 pm #444578

Your proposal maintains the USCM, UPP and CLF. We need to make a conversion, new names and lore, to avoid copyright infringement.

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