Mcfcknlovin - administrator application

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Mcfcknlovin - administrator application

Postby Mclovin » Sun Jun 09, 2019 3:01 pm #497276

Current ckey and any previous ckeys: mcfcknlovin, mauricetheboi, ricksterakarick and some others where i forgot the name and password for
Character name(s): rick huisman, mclovin
Timezone: utc +2
Discord tag: mclovin #7400
Any previous experience administrating? Where and in what manner: not really but i read the fully wiki on how to admin ( for in the future ) and i undertand asay and all the commands also how to ban someone for instance
How familiar are you with our ruleset: 100 %
How long have you been playing TGMC and other servers in general: i think for like almost 2 years?
Have you been banned from any SS13 servers within the past 6 months? If so, what server, and for what reason: hippie station, they said for self antaging but that is bullshit. i was the head of engineering. and my employee was a cultist but all the other cultists were dead. so he needed to leave and i didnt like tell anyone else that he was a cultist on the comms i was fine with it because i wanted to be a cultist. ( i wasnt one in a long time ) so the admin was following me and pm'd me saying that i self antagged. and yes i kinda did well i fully did but at that moment i wasnt saying i was so i got a catban which means you cant be any role expect for assistant and you cant attack anyone and you are a furry which couldnt harm intent anyone.
Have you ever recieved a permanent ban from a server? If so, what server, and for what reason: nope
Why do you believe that you would make a good admin? : well i understand how to admin, but the biggest reason is everytime that i am online and im from holland aka the netherlands. at that moment there are no admins onn and when you need ahelp they dont respond because there are to many tickets or because there arent any admin on.
What's one aspect of how you play the game that you think you could improve on? :as i said above everytime i play there gets griefed alot and i want to help with that and also i love helping people and that is what i would love to do on the servers.
What standards do you personally hold players to? How should judgements on their actions be determined? : by checking the logs ofcourse and talking with the players so you understand there view on the situation.
What is a good metric or standard to go by when doing admin events? What would you try to consider when doing an admin event? How often do you think you'd run admin events? : i honestly dont know, i would make events if the players want it so i would run a poll to see what people want. then another to see what event they want for instance nations .
What do you think you'll find most enjoyable about being an admin? What do you think you'll find least enjoyable? : helping people is something i love and i enjoy to do. i dont know what i wouldnt like about it
No one admins forever. For what reason or how do you think you will stop adminning? Do you think you'll be able to call it quits when you've had enough? yeah offcourse i can quit im not addicted to ss13 dont get me wrong i love it but addicted no. maybe ill stop adminning because i had enough from it, be i can just de admin and play admin (if needed) a other round or when i die.

Please fill out the following example scenarios, put your answer on a separate line from the question:
1. A player shoots another player near the start of the round, but the MPs have already detained and brigged him.

well, if the guy who got shot survives it and doesnt care i will note the shooter and will leave it to sec. if the guy didnt survive it and is pretty sad about it. then im gonna check the logs and investigate this scene. the shooter might get a ban if he really offended the rules and if it wasnt self defence.

2. You see a player walking around the ship without any clothes on, looking pretty lost.

well this is a part of learning , i think that if he or she understands the controls and maybe read the wiki to understand how the jobs work then it will be just fine, there are more important thinks maybe we could send a mentor to him. or subtle a message to him so he goes to the mentor help button.

3. A player is getting aggressive in adminhelps and requesting to speak to a higher ranking staff member.

well if there isnt a headmin or a higher ranking staff member online then ill go to discord and ask if some high ranking admin comes online, until that i will ask the player to calm down and wait and that i will help him, and that there is a high rank staff coming online.

4. You notice a player with a name that doesn't fit our naming rules. The player is arguing that they've used the name for several years across multiple servers and no one has told them to change it before.

doesnt matter that he used it on several servers, if it offends our rules then he must change it!

5. You see an MT running around in armor and carrying a rifle. The security level is green with no threat present.

well, i will subtle a message to him saying that he shouldnt have a weapon out when there isnt a threat on the station.

6. The round is stagnating. There are 14 marines and 4 aliens (balance will change over time, just imagine a stalemate scenario according to the current meta). The marines won't leave the ship, and the aliens won't attack. What would you do, to "encourage" the sides to engage each other?

maybe let it be for what it is for some seconds. because this is also a way to do a war. if after atleast 30 minutes still nothing happens i may encourange the alien mother to tell her daughters to attack.

7. A marine is running around disarming other marines and stealing their gear near the beginning of the round.

this is a ic problem i think sec can deal with this one

8. A marine has killed another marine. When you ask him why, he said it was because the other marine had punched him or said something rude towards him.

first of ill check the logs, if he i saying the truth then ill ask the other marine why he punched him, but it still isnt a reason to kill a other marine so the killer marine will get a warning.

9. There are minor racist comments going on IC. 9 of the 10 people are laughing and roleplaying but one player gets offended and adminhelps about it.

ill tell him that ill do something about it. and subtle a message to his head saying that god doesnt like him racial slurring.

10. A marine opens fire at several marines during briefing killing multiple people and logs off before you can message him.

he will get a permanent ban, murderbombing your own lets say friends is just bullshit that cant be accepted. and then leaving ugh just stupid.

11. You see a larva die near the frontlines. Upon further investigation, you see that they bursted in a safe place far away.

hmmm this is weird ill ask the larva what happend and ill act further from the response from the larva.

12. You see a xeno excessively saying phrases like "Ayyylmao", "Reeeee" and similar in the hivemind chat.

this is ooc in ic for a xeno ill subtle message or pm her to stay in character.

13. A command staff player mentions during briefing that there might be xenos on the planet.

that is just ic no actions further taken.

14. A marine kills another marine on the Evac Pod to take the last spot, but has roleplayed the situation quite well.

well cool that he roleplayed it well, but still you are not supposed to kill other marines. he gets a warning. if the dead guy can laugh about it.

15. You see an SSD Squad Leader in the preparation room 1 hour into the round. When you check the logs, you notice he logged off near the beginning of the round.

well if you log out being a leader you should always get ahelp to give the body to someone else he gets a leader ban. and the body will be given to a ghost or ( i forgot the name of the command) but givin the chance to dead people to become him.

16. You see a member of the staff give wrong information in an adminhelp.

ill ask him why he did that, hopefully he just got it wrong and wasnt lying or something otherwise ill need to tell this to higher ranking staff members.

17. You see a member of the staff abusing his powers in-game or otherwise breaking the administrator rules.

ill check if there is a high ranking admin online if so ill try to pm him or her. otherwise ill tell it to a high ranking staff member in discord.

18. You see a player bashing another server or player in OOC

ill pm him why he is doing this, his reaction is needed to take further actions.

19. A player ahelps saying that they were instantly killed by another member of their squad. When you ask their squad member who shot them, they said that it was accidental friendly fire.

ill check the logs hopefully they show that it was or wasnt. if i know what happend for instance : it was accidental ff then ill tell the dead player that it was accidental and that im sorry but it is ic. if it wasnt the killer will get a short ban

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Re: Mcfcknlovin - administrator application

Postby Mclovin » Mon Jun 10, 2019 10:47 am #497366

yeah that was my intention where can i do that?

a link would be just fine.

btw the reason i have such a new account is because of the byond update it fucked everything up and now i have this new one i forgot my login information

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Re: Mcfcknlovin - administrator application

Postby Mclovin » Mon Jun 10, 2019 10:51 am #497367

also i am in the discord. for already a long time i think you looked over me or something

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Re: Mcfcknlovin - administrator application

Postby Mclovin » Mon Jun 10, 2019 10:51 am #497368

oh shit i putted in the wrong code its mclovin#9646

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Re: Mcfcknlovin - administrator application

Postby Mclovin » Mon Jun 10, 2019 2:33 pm #497386

aha like cm 13! well i play that too but not as much like the station mode. thanks for reading it and taking the time to reply. ill just keep on playing have a good one :D

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