"Access denied" Erroneous "unban" request.

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"Access denied" Erroneous "unban" request.

Postby eatyourteeth » Mon Jul 22, 2019 12:31 pm #504178

Hi Guys. I submitted an unban request a few days ago which can be found in the resolved cases. I was unbanned since I was erroneously banned by an auto-catcher. Anyway, I still can't connect to any TG server after the ban was lifted. It just says "Access denied." It seems other people are having this issue too as its mentioned on a post here.

Thank you

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Re: "Access denied" Erroneous "unban" request.

Postby PKPenguin321 » Mon Jul 22, 2019 5:35 pm #504204

It would be better to PM the headmins with this since this board requires you to follow the appeal format. I'll leave this post up for now though.
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Re: "Access denied" Erroneous "unban" request.

Postby Nervere » Tue Jul 30, 2019 10:49 pm #505394

This is a duplicate, locking and moving to trash.

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