[Deleted] Who would you deadmin?


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Who would you deadmin?

Postby Nervere » Mon Aug 26, 2019 6:48 pm #510449

Hiring/firing is by far the most important job you will do as head admin. Bickering over policy has a minimal impact compared to choosing the policy enforcers (and ultimately policy interpreters, because they will collectively be online more than you will).

Your "vision" for a more roleplay centric server will ultimately collapse if you keep on an admin who likes sending gondola ERTs, and likewise if your plan was to aggressively and proactively ban for non antag crimes it wouldn't make much sense to keep someone like me on the team.

So who would you deadmin? If you can't think of a single reason you'd let anyone go other than "they're inactive" or "they broke a rule like self antagging" then please reconsider running at all, because you will be wasting the spot.

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Re: Who would you deadmin?

Postby jcll » Mon Aug 26, 2019 7:07 pm #510452

Stickymayhem. Faked logs from #tgs-leads. Only appears when he wants to cause drama. Doesn't not help with any of the bigger picture issues and is a detriment to the team.

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Re: Who would you deadmin?

Postby terranaut » Mon Aug 26, 2019 7:10 pm #510454

As I'm currently not part of the admin team any and all information and interaction I have with bans/policy enforcement is incredibly onesided and generally lacking and as I play on Terry almost exclusively any Gondola-spamming admin hiding on Sybil is hidden from me up until I start observing the other servers to admin. As such, offering any names at this stage would be pretty hasty.

As for behavior that would make me talk to an admin and consider removing them:
Overly aggressive behavior in enforcing things that are at best gray areas in the rules, especially without a player complaint, because an admin happened to be observing and takes personal offense at something that wasn't even aimed at them. Admins should do what's best for the server/community and not get rid of people that do things they dislike.

Strong hypocritical behavior in general, such as using admin tools to do something you /know/ pisses off another player and then taking action when they lash out at you for it.

Grossly misunderstanding that an admins job is to provide a fun environment for everyone and that they are not here to "police" the community in a way that screams "I am judge, jury and executioner".

I'm not gonna bother listing obvious things such as gross abuse of trust with access to sensitive information etc.

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Re: Who would you deadmin?

Postby Shadowflame909 » Mon Aug 26, 2019 7:23 pm #510462

I've handled things as an admin. But I've not handled things as a /tg/ admin.

TG as a server is pretty interesting when it comes to this. It seems to prioritize admins being uninterviening in natural player versus antag content that this game is designed around.

Admins firstly are enforcers. Adminbus is on the rarer side, compared to other servers. Which I can especially respect.

So the main issue with "Are you ready to deadmin" is that im satisfied with the quality of the admin team as I...

A. Dont know anything about any potential secret beef and...

B. See the current reasons for their beliefs.

Honestly with how anti rule lawyer the rules, and very well this term has seen. Its currently a melting pot of different viewpoints that even admins say

"Lmao if you don't wanna be banned check adminwho before you act"

But in summary. My main goal is lowering the lethal violence and loophole grief that escalation provides.

I will be very clear on the stance upon when admin intervention should come in and be handled.

Rule 0 exists, security exists, so does the holodeck and sometimes a rage cage.

Murder should not be a reaction to minor annoyance. If you cant find an optimal outlet. Get out of here or take a break until you can.

The codebase direction is making death harsher and healing harder. The rules need to change for this new direction. Or else the quality of life will drastically go down for as long as the rules stay stagnant.

Thanks for the hardball questions, Nervere.


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Re: Who would you deadmin?

Postby MortoSasye » Mon Aug 26, 2019 9:21 pm #510501


There are multiple reasons why an administrator may be deadminned, with the most common ones being through a severe lack of activity or breaking the rules. However I consider that the most worrying thing that has been allowed recently are the admins that stir drama on purpose time and time again for entertainment purposes.

But now, back to your question. Who would I deadmin?
-An administrator that constantly is creating new drama as mentioned above for entertainment purposes.

-Someone that has a terrible, terrible personality and is constantly being hostile on tickets to players. It would first be a warning asking them to be more polite if possible or to take a break if adminning stopped being enjoyable.

- An admin that doesn’t care for this community and is constantly trying to hurt how it’s viewed in any way possible. Why admin if you don’t even care?
-People that are obviously biased and constantly rule in favor of their friends or punishes their disliked persons extremely harshly.

-And finally, why keep an admin that doesn’t know how to work as a team and constantly tries to do major decisions on their own without discussing it with the others?
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Re: Who would you deadmin?

Postby SpacePrius » Tue Aug 27, 2019 1:03 am #510605

I don't deal with admins often due to generally being a good boi, and I don't have access to most of the admin comms but generally Behaviors I do not want to see:
- Lying
- Inconsistency in rulings. Case by case basis is a cool thing but things should work on "the same circumstances should deliver the same results."
- Inactivity.
- Being a massive cunt to people.

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Re: Who would you deadmin?

Postby Virtual John » Tue Aug 27, 2019 1:48 am #510624

Well, assuming the head role means assuming all the tasks that come with it... be it good or bad. Yeah, you get to hire people but you also have to let some people go, and and can suck ass. You might even be friends with the people you have to let go, sometimes against their wishes.

My own views on who to hire and who to let go have been expressed mostly by Morto and Terra. I would like to add that most of this can be avoided with a careful watch of who we choose to candidate and subsequently training. We aren't omnipotent however, so mistakes will happen.

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Re: Who would you deadmin?

Postby NikNakFlak » Tue Aug 27, 2019 5:37 am #510690

I think I have a pretty good eye for candidates when it comes to hiring new people. Fatal and suede are my babies and they are beautiful great admins tbh.
I feel like sticky's walked the line pretty close but I don't think I'd deadmin him plus we go way back and I know he actually does care about the server and runs damn good events too which I hella appreciate. I just gotta thunk him around and get him to stop doing stupid shit. The vegan is going to his head.

There's been some really hostile shit from admins arguing in the past that I think should knock it the heck off but I dunno if it's deadminnable.
Unsure honestly. No real plans to do anything with the current team. Everyone on the team isn't in any danger unless people do stupid shit. (and oh boy do we admins love doing stupid shit)
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