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[BAN] Jroinc1 lorenzothemarauder

Postby lorenzothemarauder » Tue May 19, 2020 11:56 pm #562193

BYOND account: <Lorenzo_The_Marauder>
Character name: <Charles Mason>
Ban type: <Server>
Ban length: <3 days>
Ban reason: <https://imgur.com/IFb9lUh (couldn't directly copy the ban text for some reason so I just took a screenshot)>
Time ban was placed: <^>
Round ID in which ban was placed: <^>
Your side of the story: <I got into two fights, both of which were escalated by the other party to a lethal point. I punched a guy for being stupid and not listening to the FC to get out of the goddamn cockpit because disarming doesn't actually do anything to knock a person over, he pulled out a knife and started stabbing me, I pulled out a gun in self defense. The second time I threatened to set an engineer on fire for shelling our own barricades and blindly firing the mortar around nexus and at the LV-624 landing pad, I missed all three of my shots, gave up and went into a stasis bag on the dropship. They followed me onto the dropship with their gun out, I ran up and punched them a few times then went back into the stasis bag. They opened the bag up, shot me, so I shot back again in self defense. I didn't go out of my way to kill them so I just went back into the stasis bag. They fucking come at me with a machete, open the bag AGAIN and start chasing me. I tell them to fuck off one last time before opening fire. Got banned, no bwoink asking me to explain shit. The logs will back me up on both instances as I wasn't the first to deal lethal damage in either situation, unless lag ate the line where I took damage and makes me look like I was the instigator because apparently that's possible.>
Why you think you should be unbanned: <If someone escalates a fight beyond fists, and they start trying to actually kill me. Of fucking course I'm gonna pull out my gun and shoot them into crit, if I was genuinely a shitter I would've pursued and delimbed the people in question.>

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Re: [BAN] Jroinc1 lorenzothemarauder

Postby JPR » Mon Jun 08, 2020 8:54 pm #562196

Thanks for making this. Let's go over the logs in more detail now that I'm out of game and see what we find.

I'm gonna ignore the first fight in detail cause it's not relevant.
In GENERAL, it was a shove fight (fine) which escalated into a fist fight (fine), then escalated into a stab fight with the other guy hitting first and you stabbing back after a few seconds, then you pulled a SMG, and he pulled a shottie and fired within the same second. I aslept the area, talked to you two via LOOC, healed both of you, and that was that, shit happens.

Only major thing is that I asked you (all of you) in LOOC not to escalate to weapons, break bones, or crit people. I remember confirming that both of the involved parties were in earshot.

Second fight happens.

Per attack logs, you started punching at [2020-05-19 23:23:05.049]
At [2020-05-19 23:23:18.791], the target shot back with one SMG round (possibly a burst, but only one hit), 8 seconds after you stopped punching, and opening a cryobag (I believe). This is about when I started watching.
At [2020-05-19 23:23:23.590], you shot the target with one incendiary marksman bullet.
At [2020-05-19 23:24:04.709], a third person shot you a few times with SMG rounds twice, I believe after taking you out of the bag, or after you got out of your own free will.
At [2020-05-19 23:24:05.519], you shoot the third party with one incendiary marksman bullet.

Per game logs, you were banned at [2020-05-19 23:26:42.036] after I did some investigating and saw that you both started it, kept retaliating, and decided to ignore what I said earlier about not responding in kind cause it takes me like 6 clicks to verify you were murdered and aheal you.

Say logs show-
[2020-05-19 23:21:20.222] SAY: XXX/(Charles Mason) "Why the fuck are you blind firing the mortar?"
[2020-05-19 23:21:38.476] SAY: XXX/(Charles Mason) "You&#39;re wasting shells." Alamo Landing Zone
[2020-05-19 23:21:51.252] SAY: XXX/(Charles Mason) "Waste one more shell and I&#39;m setting you on fire."
[2020-05-19 23:22:05.038] SAY: XXX/(Charles Mason) "Fuck this DMR"
[2020-05-19 23:22:43.909] SAY: XXX/(Charles Mason) "Yumi fucked some of our barricades with the mortar.
[2020-05-19 23:23:17.716] SAY: XXX/(Charles Mason) "She fucking damaged our cades"
Fight starts, escalates to gunfight, is ahelped, I jump over
[2020-05-19 23:24:00.691] SAY: XXX/(Charles Mason) "Fuck off"
[2020-05-19 23:24:16.142] SAY: XXX/(Charles Mason) "She tried to fucking kill me."

Looking at this from the outside, with all relevant logs pulled, you fucked up in both cases, but you didn't fuck up near as severe as I thought you did at the time. While you did start the fight in the second case and did respond with gunfire, you did NOT try to escalate it, and you DID try to de-escalate it but were followed.

I'm going to pull the ban when I log in tomorrow (If I'm not on when you try to get on, PM the hosting admin and they should be able to lift it), and I'm going to edit the note to "Talked about escalation, asked to avoid using weapons on fellow marines".

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