Gaper for unban by Rohesie

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Gaper for unban by Rohesie

Postby Gaper » Mon Jun 08, 2020 5:27 pm #564742

[b]BYOND account: Gaper.
[b]Character name: Unknown.
[b]Ban type: Banned by host/Server ban.
[b]Ban length: Permanent.
[b]Ban reason: ... nknown.png.
[b]Time ban was placed: 2018-12-09 in 20:17:18.
[b]Round ID in which ban was placed: 1.
[b]Your side of the story: The fact is that it was more than a year ago and naturally I do not remember any of this. One thing I can say for sure: at that time I was a beginner and did not quite understand how to play and how to react to specific situations. Judging by the reason, a shootout came out from which I emerged victorious. I hope my offender was punished at the same time and just like me. I have some doubts about being given a permanent ban when I was a newbie. Perhaps I just did not know how to respond to the PM. However, I am here and also want to delete the note.
b]Why you think you should be unbanned:
1 - I was newbie.
2 - Its my first permanent ban ( maybe not, i have no access to a player panel ).
3 - It as the first round of the server.
4 - Now i am not newbie, and i know a little bit more about this game and build.
5 - I will try dont escalate same conflicts in a future if i can.
6 - I have a vouch from cool HRP server, but i do not think he is needed here.
[b]References of good conduct: Unknown/Do not remember.

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Re: Gaper for unban by Rohesie

Postby JPR » Mon Jun 08, 2020 6:11 pm #564747

This is about 2 years old. Given as you made actually made an appeal, and it's just basic "shoot up the place" griff I'm for unbanning this.

I'm gonna let it sit for a day or so and see if any other admins have anything to say about this.

Also, in the interests of transparency, ... manent-Ban)

Just be aware that if you get this appeal and immediately shoot up the place, we'll throw you back on perma again.

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Re: Gaper for unban by Rohesie

Postby terranaut » Mon Jun 08, 2020 7:01 pm #564752

I am going to be overruling this.

In general I'm a fan of second chances but you have a big track record of notes/lengthy bans on CM and are to my knowledge banned from at least 2 other servers on top of here and CM.
It's my impression that you're lying and just mass-appealing on several servers in the hopes of getting an unban in at least one of them to grief again.

Feel free to make an honest appeal in a year and preferably come with a vouch from another server where you've had some playtime.

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