[Deleted] ERP Ban is now Permanent


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ERP Ban is now Permanent

Postby Timbrewolf » Wed Feb 04, 2015 5:56 am #65826

Re-iterating from another thread, to make sure there's no confusion. The trial ban of ERP has evolved into a permanent ban on ERP.

I think it's a great success. We haven't had rounds break down into spectacles surrounding two people trying to have their private times while the rest of the station chases them around and tries to interfere. We haven't had people causing the chain of command and basic functions of the crew fall apart because they're off trying to get space laid. We haven't had to ban anybody for forced ERP.

It worked great and there's no reason not to make it permanent. Nothing of value was lost.

People who still want to engage players in that activity have learned to flirt and keep it clean in game, and then leave and do whatever else they're going to do elsewhere where we don't have to/can't see it.
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