[localvendor] virtualjon- rule 8 ban i guess?

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[localvendor] virtualjon- rule 8 ban i guess?

Unread postby localvendor » Mon Jul 09, 2018 4:39 pm #425089

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Byond account and character name: localvendor - Rusty Mcfall
Banning admin: virtualjohn
Ban type (What are you banned from?): perma
Ban reason and length: rule 8 violation where i said "be my cum dumpster" to another miner while we was setting up
Time ban was placed (including time zone): 2018-06-28 EST
Server you were playing when banned (Sybil or Bagil): bagil iirc
Your side of the story: said to another miner during roundstart to be my cum dumpster during a valentines event
Why you think you should be unbanned: i meant it as a joke and i think i been off the server for a while.

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Re: [localvendor] virtualjon- rule 8 ban i guess?

Unread postby CitrusGender » Tue Jul 10, 2018 1:13 am #425160

The extent that these statements violate rule 8 is extremely difficult to gauge since the statements affect everyone differently. We try to attempt to respect the that people should be free from dumb sexual shit but I don't believe off-color remarks should spell the end for players.

We do take this type of stuff very seriously though and, as you can see from the permaban, this stuff is often not handled lightly. Personally, I wouldn't have banned for as long of a period of time but I can see where John was coming from with previous incidents with other players. Just never do it again and you should be fine.

Ban lifted, have fun.
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