Git banned users

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Git banned users

Unread postby oranges » Thu Jul 12, 2018 10:43 pm #425914

MRTY - Ban evasion, continued ban evasion.
Goof alts - goof alts
GAYNESSGOLEM - Posting porn
2farts - PR Spam
michnia - spam account
k-k-karma - helping MRTY evade a github block
FrostyFridge - rude, obnoxious person
GuyonBroadway - Downstreamer, only stirs shit on PR's
On this list, want to appeal? PM cyberboss or oranges in irc with your apologies/explanations

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Stickymayhem - Posting feedback that is mostly insults
Zarniwoop - insulting antagonistic comments
Demonfiren - offtopic comments, no value in discussion, repeated infractions

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