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Unread postby CosmicScientist » Fri Jul 13, 2018 3:03 am #425959

Event idea.
  • announced, room labelled as the start point
  • spades and crowbars dropped in that room
  • tear up a floor tile and sand is underneath
  • dig and it produces an arrow sprite to the next checkpoint and a colour
  • every room has sand
  • every room besides the starting one produces two colours per arrow, one for the last colour, one for the current one
  • many fake arrows
  • for every five fake arrows dug up, a shoal of space carp show up
  • the end is a treasure chest, a pirate's hat, a science anomaly, and most importantly BOOTY

  • ghost parrots follow you once you start the treasure hunt
  • you can't kill or shut them up, but you can remove their headset
  • whoever digs up the treasure chest has theirs shut up and forever perch on their shoulder

  • add space ghost pirate robots
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