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Nanotrasen Xenobiota Acquisition Corporate Task Officers Game Mode

Unread postby MollyKristoph » Wed Aug 01, 2018 3:07 am #430437

Hi there. I'm by no stretch a coder, but hear me out:

Lavaland is a strange and wonderful place. We used to have Away Missions.
Would it be any way possible for the odd occasional Station Goal of "Acquire Xenobio Subjects" to be incorporated, complete with special ID cards/access and equipment for personnel who sign up for it, to go down to another section of lavaland to go and collect various and sundry mobs and living/played creatures in a separate but connected section of Lavaland?
Think of them as station-born Response Team members, who are tasked with going down and bringing back a number of xenobiology samples(preferably living + sapient, equal to 4 regular mobs, which have to be hit with an implanter that renders them somewhat docile/station-factioned. Regular mobs can be laz-penned to be 'friendly' to the station.)

Things like randomly-spawned ruins as per normal lavaland, connected to the existing lavaland map, but requiring mining implements to clear the path and means to cross the lava to get over there.

Anyway, each round of this type would not be the same xenobiota necessarily.

The Mushroom of Life. I recall there being mention of mushroom-people, and I think the idea could lead in to some Avatar-like stuff by buckling in to "mycellium patches," where they get to hivemind with other mushrooms and look around through other patches. Odd effects with Unstable Mutagen could even make them into something a lot greener, bigger, and tusky-er, but offers no ability to connect to the great Waste Waist Web.

Another possible xenobiota would be the perennial favorite of the ashwalkers, who have a small settlement in the gentler climate of the equator. Many moons ago, they sent a host of hunters north to see what the skyfall was, but haven't heard back yet.

Perhaps the Lifebringers weren't so unsuccessful after all. Where there's one, there's often two, and a group of somewhat adapted lifebringers has been slowly bringing the green to this hellish world, but only recently the greenish swaths have taken hold well enough to show up on orbital observation sensors.

Other complications:

The Alien Protection Army, once thought to be a revolutionary group, has been found to be far more traitorous to Nanotrasen than even catbeasts! These deranged individuals, with their almost viral ideology aim to protect Lavaland from Nanotrasen's exploitation, and will stop at nothing to drive the XACTOs and miners off the planet! Kinda like regular revs, but going to the station is unthinkable for the leaders. The fight's down here!

Abductor Observation Bunker Pi is hidden in a mountain, tasked with observing the strange creatures below. It's a thankless job, one left to a trio of less experienced Abductors who have to occasionally check on the organisms they're tasked with observing, and even sometimes having to make minor surgical or genetic adjustments to their charges for the project's needs.

What's this? Rat'varian Holdouts managed to find a shard of their broken god, and have been terrorizing the locals and trying to make ersatz servants of their dead god in the vain hopes of bringing the Lord of Engines back? Stop them before they find the final resting place of their rusted god!

Nanotrasen isn't the only bunch interested in Lavaland xenobiota. As ever, the Syndicate has a vested interest in anything Nanotrasen so much as considers for a moment, always looking for a way to beat out the monolith. With the help of the Northern Station, can the Syndicate Xenobiology Experiment & Negotiations Officers curtail Nanotrasen efforts on the planet's surface?

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Re: Nanotrasen Xenobiota Acquisition Corporate Task Officers Game Mode

Unread postby D&B » Wed Aug 01, 2018 3:14 am #430442

Mushroom people are a hard no/no and only meant for planetstation, afaik
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