[Persistent Event] Time-Share

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[Persistent Event] Time-Share

Postby Zarniwoop » Thu Sep 06, 2018 10:34 pm #437931

The crew has received special recognition from Central Command for their invaluable contributions to research and their exemplary dedication to Nanotrasen's Corporate Charter. As such, CentComm has seen fit to reward the crew with a *luxurious, **tropical getaway and allotted them ***vacation time with which to enjoy it. The crew will receive periodical holidays during which the gateway is opened and the crew is allowed to freely pass to and from the vacation spot. Congratulations, crew-members! ****Relax and take in the Rumba beat!

*CentComm is not responsible for construction, maintenance, staffing, stocking, or any other accommodations. CentComm may be available to provide resources and services when deemed necessary, but expects Nanotrasen crew to fulfill the time-share's needs.

**CentComm cannot guarantee a tropical setting, or any otherwise habitable settings.

***CentComm reserves the right to apportion the time-share to additional clients as they see fit. As Nanotrasen employees, the crew may be expected to fill in as staff to meet the needs of any visiting clientele.

****CentComm encourages to crew to be alert and proactive in combating any hostile forces at the time-share. Wildlife, natives, pirates, and other criminal elements may be present.

Give the crew a mostly empty (throw in a couple fun things of course) away mission to build on. Save their work and run the event every x weeks/months/whatever. The time-share theme is just some kind of lore to justify it and maybe give crew a bit more creative freedom when building the place. Call it whatever you want. The tourist event people are talking about could be incorporated.

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Re: [Persistent Event] Time-Share

Postby Nabski » Thu Sep 06, 2018 10:42 pm #437933

If you can figure out or tell me a way to save maps between rounds, I'm up for it.

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