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Overthrow Gamemode Feedback

Unread postby Hathkar » Wed Sep 12, 2018 5:41 pm #439312

I didn't see a thread, so here's one.

Thoughts/Input/Feedback/Complaints/etc. on Overthrow.

So first of all, I played my first round as a sleeper agent. An immediate problem was the misleading red roundstart text. It said that the implanter and AI law board were in my storage implant, when they were in my bag. Also, there's ZERO indication that the conversion implanter can be used more than once. This also clashes with the objectives you're given: You are told to CONVERT if possible, and avoid killing. Kinda hard to do with only 2 implants and 4 targets. It would be nice if you could purchase more implants via uplink or something?

Also, I was told in OOC later that people you convert get uplinks as well, which was not conveyed at all in the roundstart text.

As for the rest of the players, the round plays pretty much like extended, as the objectives of the overthrowers are to cause minimal damage, and they only have a precious few conversions they can do.
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Re: Overthrow Gamemode Feedback

Unread postby Montyblancs » Wed Sep 12, 2018 8:02 pm #439337

Regarding playing as a converted AI, the syndicate lawset you get like when a borg is converted via emag may not be specific enough since there's multiple teams. I think the last time I was an AI in this mode, the second person that tried to convert me didn't drag me over to their team, but that still directly tells me that this person is a syndicate agent, and I have to obey/not harm them according to my laws. I don't know if that's intentional or not, but if not, it may be more helpful to replace "syndicate agent" with the team name instead.

I've also found myself in situations where all the other players on the team die, and the borgs are destroyed/don't exist. I can't convert people, even if I had borgs. This only leaves exiling which is basically impossible without borgs, or murder, which may be against the laws because someone else already converted one of them to a team without my knowledge. It's pretty much the same as someone uploading a bad "revolutionaries are not human" law, I have no idea who is who, but hurting them is a violation. "Minimal damage" is also just a suggestion from your objectives, not a law, so there's really nothing stopping an AI from just burning the entire station down if it's in this situation.

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Re: Overthrow Gamemode Feedback

Unread postby zxaber » Sun Sep 16, 2018 1:28 am #439838

Yeah, my first round in this mode was as AI. After being yanked back and forth between two teams, I ended up just being purged and reset to asimov. But I still had the traitor symbol, and I was still a traitor. So I had objectives to kill/exile humans, but no means to do so. My borgs wern't traitors, so they basically ignored my requests to bring the targets to Lavaland.

I feel like the AI should just not be made into a traitor. Hacked laws, sure, make it subverted to the team. But don't make it part of the team.
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