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Fundraiser Gamemode

Postby iksyp » Fri Sep 14, 2018 3:43 pm #439603

tl;dr disregard nanotrasen acquire currency

hopefully planning to do this myself when i get back into ss13 coding but for now i'll leave the idea here in case anyone wants it
Since fighting a galactic supercorporation is very economically taxing, the Syndicate has been running into some money problems. In order to solve this, various Syndicate corporations have sent agents into SS13 with one goal in mind: Extract as much valuable shit as possible so that the Syndicate can make bank while still sabotaging NT. Each agent is competing to extract as much as possible, and are given a codename (probably based on the NATO phonetic alphabet, similar to how lings use the Greek alphabet, so you'd get Agent Alpha, Agent Hotel, Agent Whiskey, Agent Juliet, etc.) In order to do this, they have been given a special uplink, which allows them to call in special syndicate crates, and send them back to syndicate HQ. The first agent to reach their fundraising goal and extract using an extraction pod wins.

Each agent is given a codename, and an uplink, accessed similarly to the normal traitor uplink. This uplink allows them to see how much money they have made, how much money their competitors have made, and any bounties on items. The goal will start somewhere around 100k credits (subject for debate), but raise as the station integrity goes down, and as other agents die. Each agent death will raise the goal by 20k, and each point of station integrity lost will raise the goal by 5k. To sell items, they can order 1000 credit beacons that will call down a special extraction crate that can only hold three items (stacks count as 1 item.) Each agent will start with a crate beacon.

Each item they sell will be worth 50% of it's cargo value (exception: space cash and coins are worth their normal value), however, item's with a bounty will be worth their normal export value + the bounty. The first one to cash in a bounty wins. In order to send up the crate, the agent must close it, and then hit it with their PDA. This will send the crate back to syndicate hq (either through a fulton or a wormhole), and the agent will acquire their money. Of course, you can always steal someone else's crate, if you can hit it with your PDA first. After an agent reaches the fundraiser goal, they can call in an extraction pod. Then, they must get to it, hit it with their PDA to identify themselves, and wait inside for 30 seconds. Once they call it in, ALL AGENTS will know that an extraction pod has been called in, and where it is. If the pod is destroyed, it will set the agent back 10k credits. Other agents who have completed their fundraiser goal can steal the pod as well. Once an agent extracts, the round will end, and the agent who extracted will greentext.

Whenever a new bounty is posted, agents will be notified of the bounty, and how much it's worth. These will come in over time, about 1 every 5 minutes, to keep agents on the move hunting for new sources of shekels.

Using the money they earn from raising funds, each agent will be able to buy equipment to assist them. (maybe some corporation specific stuff? probably not though)
Some items they might buy are:
  • Crate - 1000 - A beacon for a crate which agents can call in and extract items with.
  • Syndicate Labeler - 1000 - A labeler which marks items as property of your own corporation. Takes 50 credits per label, but stops cargo and other agents from selling them. Other agents can overwrite this with their own labeler.
  • Siphon - 10000 - A one-use siphon which, when activated, will siphon another agent's money into your account. When activated, all agents can see it is active in their uplink (the victim will be notified), and where it is. It makes a faint beeping noise which can be heard from one tile away. Whoever it is deactivated by gains the funds.
  • Communist Revolution - 50000 - Once bought, all agents will have their accounts equalized, and will hear "Viva la Revolucion!", notifying them that a radical shift in the power balance of the Syndicate has taken place.

that's it feel free to call the idea shit because it probably is
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Re: Fundraiser Gamemode

Postby Cobby » Fri Sep 14, 2018 5:11 pm #439619

Having a traitor divert supply from centcomm to the syndicate sounds like an interesting mechanic.
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Re: Fundraiser Gamemode

Postby Qustinnus » Wed Sep 19, 2018 3:44 pm #440431

station integrity is a bad measurement because calculating it is costly af

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