[Deleted] I guilt trip myself into making a station


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I guilt trip myself into making a station

Postby confused rock » Sat Oct 13, 2018 1:13 am #445122

Main reason I'm making this topic so early in dev is so I can make sure I don't give up and most importantly, I need a name. I'm not stupid enough to name it rockstation but I really have no better idea than cubestation or degreaserstation. please tell me if you have any ideas.

I realise the best way to stop people from playing the maps I don't like is to make a map that is superior to the maps I don't like. in making this topic, I am guilting myself into figuring out how to make a map. Plan is to make a map for a large population that doesn't have as much free stuff as, say, deltastation. In theory at least, the station is going to have things like, for example, a private autolathe to ensure that an assistant can't get a buncha free shit going through maint with no communication. I don't want the station to be unique for the sake of being unique, but I also feel some maps do the same thing for no reason. A few ideas I'm thinking of, keeping in mind that some of these might be too dumb to work:
Place medbay and security in the dead center of the station. at the very least, brig will not be exposed to space on any side, or at the very least I want the armory to be inset. Maybe this won't apply to permabrig. all of security will spawn in the same room (maybe the warden will start in his office but within talking range of officers)
Instead of solar arrays, the station might just have flat walls on the outside with panels plastered along them. I'll see how that works. I'd love to get it to work without being obtuse, but it might just be obtuse and I'd do regular arrays.
If toxins had to get all its gas from atmos that'd absolutely suck, so I'm not going to do that, but I'm going to strongly consider something along those lines.
Some kind of room called "assistant storage" that they might spawn in instead of in the halls. Or maybe it'd just be tool storage.
Wherever the ai is going, I'm not sure it's going in a satellite. Malf isn't around nowadays so it isn't as essential for the ai to be in a sat.
Ai or not, there will probably be a sat. maybe a prison sat, maybe this is where assistant storage will be.
An engine that isn't a supermatter (maybe antimatter? or something more "fun") would be nice, but I can see it being off putting.
One thing is for sure, the mining shuttle is going to have only one door. I might build mining into the shuttle or into the aux base if it seems reasonable.
I will probably build either the kitchen or the chapel into the morgue, most likely the chapel.
I'm just going to give the roboticists a full surgical set. There's no real reason to not since it just leads to them using the welder as the cautery or printing something from their autolathe. Definitely.

I don't know if everyone will like this station but I won't know that until I finish this and make the least friendly station possible, or maybe I'm having a fever dream. Please give me names!
brig mockup.png
First thing I'm making is the brig, which will hopefully look something like this shitty scribble. I won't bother to explain most of the rooms precisely since I hope I can finish the brig fast enough that an explanation won't be needed. the purple is the execution chamber, which will have a vacuum thanks to the empty space for the black area, where I will place the gulag shuttle and other minor areas of brig. I don't know the specifics on what I'm going to do for the gulag shuttle yet, however. Otherwise, the yellow is supposed to be the cells- sec can put the less shitty people in a cell with windows, and the more shitty people in a cell without. Not unique to this map or anything. all security will spawn in the orange or with sight to it- the warden's office being the pink, and the dark blue being the HOS office. across the hall will be medbay, which will come second. I'll probably put things like science and command on the upper part of the station, and cargo, engineering and assistant storage on the lower portion.
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